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 1 month ago

Black Friday online sales hit a new record of $9 billion this year as pandemic-wary Americans filled virtual carts instead of real ones. That's a 22% increase over the previous record of $7.4 billion from 2019. Meanwhile, U.S. store visits fell by 52%.

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 1 month ago

@AP Good for some !!! Meanwhile MILLIONS OF AMERICANS can’t afford FOOD!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!

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@AP The unfortunate thing here is this means all that revenue is congregated primarily at the top, among major retailers. Small businesses will get a tiny slice of that pie.

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@AP The fall in store visits gives me a little bit of hope, but it's possible that people are being lazy instead of safe.

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@AP Forget store visits, a thing of the past, most importantly the $$$$$$ kept coming in, keeps the wheels turning.

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@AP Yay for capitalism

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@JamesClacton @AP "a fake virus"

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@AP Jeff Bezos' net worth about to be $250B on Tuesday.

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 1 month ago

@AP Nice!

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