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 1 month ago

Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller (@SarahFuller_27) has become the first woman to participate in a Power Five conference football game. The senior goalkeeper on the Vandy soccer team kicked off to start the second half against Missouri.

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@AP_Top25 @AP @SarahFuller_27 She will be pat on her backside like men players do?

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@AP_Top25 @Miriam2626 @SarahFuller_27 Not the last though.

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@AP_Top25 @SarahFuller_27 What’s a woman?

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 1 month ago

@AP_Top25 @SarahFuller_27 Vanderbilt is reaching new lows. When women are better football players than their men you just know they are bad!

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Sports Media: the #Chiefs should be careful playing the #Browns

@Chiefs : stay in your God damn lane, we know what we're doing.


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Half way there gonna finish the job. #RunItBack #CHIEFSKINGDOM

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“And that’s when a psycho white guy that we all called Dirty Dan, singlehandedly changed the course of the game...”

*Me as an old man telling young Chiefs fans about our multiple Super Bowl winning streak in the 2020’s...

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@Mathieu_Era has been playing so physical today. Keep it up in the 2nd half! #chiefskingdom #runitback

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This game is just about over. Same excellence, different week for #RunItBack.... #Browns don't have the offense to play catch up.

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CLE 3-13 KC
Travis Kelce: 20-yard touchdown catch

CLE 3-16 KC
Harrison Butker: 50-yard field goal

CLE 3-19 KC
Harrison Butker: 28-yard field goal

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