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๐Ÿ‘‡Road to NFL for Jets' Castillo began with one repeated dream.

A #weekendread from @dwaz73

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Tell me why Tony Romo is a better commentator than he was quarterback haha #CBSSunday #NFLPlayoffs #AFCDivisional

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@JerryBoKnowz Dr: How you feeling?
Mahomes: With my hands!
Dr: He good!

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Jim Nantz knows nothing about anything. GTFO. #NFLPlayoffs

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Kansas City adds to their lead with a 33 yard field goal. Chiefs up by 12.

Patrick Mahomes is being evaluated in the locker room.


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If @PatrickMahomes comes back after the way he was helped off the field, the #NFL concussion protocol is a joke.
#chiefsvsbrowns #NFLPlayoffs

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