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 1 month ago

The scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was thought to have led the program in the early 2000s.

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@HuffPost He is BBQ-ed like Soleimani ..

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@HuffPost This killing does absolutely nothing to undermine Iranian nuclear know-how. Instead what Pompeo and Netanyahu r trying to do here is to provoke a war with Iran that others (a Biden administration) will fight it as they standby by and watch. Ultimately, American soldiers will die.

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 1 month ago

@HuffPost If any Gulf nation guy killed a US or Israeli scientist, people will cry terrorism everywhere.. this doesn't qualify as terrorism for some reason

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@HuffPost By whom?

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 1 month ago

@HuffPost I guess the nuke designed by him was not enough pointy.

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@HuffPost does anyone know which distrcoict of Iran this occurred in?

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@MrRPMurphy you need to cast @nikkideloach in more projects! She’s amazing and she sings!! #911onFOX

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This quarantine montage oof


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#911onFOX is back tonight

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CJ on #911onFOX was so adorable.
I wouldve been super upset if something wouldve happened to him.
Protect CJ at all costs.

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Oh how I missed #911onFOX why am I crying already?!

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Damn lady if you kill Athena imma be mad AF #911OnFOX

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