I cannot even imagine what it would have been like to grow up in a world where there was a gay, interracial couple in a @Starbucks ad but that's where the world is finally at and, as @travisgrossi writes in this new @HuffPost Personal piece, it matters

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@noahmichelson @Starbucks @travisgrossi @HuffPost Luckily, none of you has to work at a Starbucks on a daily basis. Behind the smoke and mirrors is another anti-union company staffed by overworked and underpaid employees who are forced to sign arbitration agreements. Congratulations on the spot and for enabling Starbucks BS PR.

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@louiehjr305 @noahmichelson @HuffPost @Starbucks @travisgrossi But yet, once again, you tweeted.

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@noahmichelson @HuffPost @Starbucks @travisgrossi Perfect!!!

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@noahmichelson @blackvoices @Starbucks @travisgrossi @HuffPost I wish my brother was alive to see it😢

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@noahmichelson @huffpostqueer @Starbucks @travisgrossi @HuffPost And as the ad and author appear to show, this couple is like so many others in the world, which is why it’s critical to provide this type of exposure.

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Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!! Wat happened with Spencer and Olivia!!!!!!!!!! #AllAmerican

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That was a good premiere and looks like Darnell is back next week #AllAmerican

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OMG #AllAmerican who ends an episode like that ... I’d like to know wtf happed this summer !!!!

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half birthdays & high tension #AllAmerican

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Yup I was right ! #AllAmerican

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Nahhhhhh Tyrone sister is lying... she is not here for good... not at all!!! #AllAmerican

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