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 1 week ago

Amazon is making its biggest leap into the multi-billion-dollar health care industry with the launch of Amazon Pharmacy, a new digital drugstore.

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 1 week ago

@cnni oh gee. Is there anything this guy won't do?
More money for him, less money for everyone else?

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 1 week ago

@cnni Amazon is taking over the business world!

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@cnni Given the crappy customer service they give with most things, I sure as hell wouldn't trust them with life saving medications.

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@cnni Wow, that's amazing..

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 1 week ago

@cnni Yeah just think about when they start selling weed it will be amazing

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@cnni Amazon is a monopoly

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So 👉👈 happy #VisibleNonbinary 😳

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Hiiii I'm Hyde I uuuuuuhhhhhh #VisibleNonbinary

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Hello! I'm Moth/Moth Mum/Art Moth and I recently came out as a genderflux demigir!!

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heya im orion im a black nonbinary animation student who loves the colour blue way too much #VisibleNonbinary

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#VisibleNonbinary hi!! i usually dont participate in these tags but. im tangy!! ((they/he + neopronouns)) im an artist and voice actor!!
i like object shows, hyperpop and the mcelroy family :) here is. my art!!! so cool. i am awesome i think

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🪲🧚🦎 hi!! i’m grey and i make art sometimes !!
#VisibleNonbinary #transmascdrawing #transmascartists

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