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 3 days ago

A plush toy version of Baby Yoda — which stole people's hearts in Disney+'s Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" — joined the crew of the SpaceX Crew Dragon and hitched a ride to the International Space Station.

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@cnni Did they pay for the product placement(Disney)

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 3 days ago

@cnni Please share/retweet/donate, baby Joshua urgently needs help. He was diagnosed with leukemia at just three-month-old. His life hangs on the success of chemotherapy & a stem cell transplant. Please help to give Joshua a fighting chance to beat cancer:

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@LubaTV Há uma grande luta contra a Lgbtfobia acontecendo agora! Você poderia comentar?
Não é só uma luta Hunter, é uma luta de todos nós que sofremos Lgbtfobia TODOS OS DIAS.

É por todos nós que estamos sendo atacados por sermos nós mesmos.


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@CharCubed Yessss 👏👏

#TheySilencedThem and we won't let them forget it.

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#TheySilencedThem #theysilencedus #TheySilencedYou I never thought that one day we would do something like this to be heard. I never imagined that we would need to fight to live a free life, without being censored or silenced, simply because we love someone. +

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#TheySilencedThem Eileen deserved better

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