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Fleets are a new, low pressure way to share text, photos, videos, and Tweets, and they disappear in 24 hours.

Once you see your profile image in the new bar across the top of your app’s Home timeline, tap it to get started.

Fleet to the world. Fleets are now available globally on iOS and Android.

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@nedianema Profile picture nedian


 2 months ago

@SeminoleDVM @TwitterSupport And Android! I know we're shouting into the void, twitter, but seriously make it a tab at the bottom if you feel the need for it to not be "hidden" in the menu

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@vslevin Profile picture Vince


 2 months ago

@PrinceSnivy24 @TwitterSupport We riot if there's an edit button.

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@leagueofyeezy Profile picture leagueofyeezy


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport get rid of fleets thanks

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@Adir_R Profile picture AdirR


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Love it

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@TwitterSupport Please veryfie my Twitter account

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@SeminoleDVM Profile picture SeminoleDVM


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Please just get rid of the bar at the top in the iOS app.

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@TwitterSupport bring back my old retweet button first

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@TwitterSupport Why are you so awful at doing what users actually want

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@iBDWR Profile picture iᗷᗪᗯᖇ


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport when are fleets available on desktop?

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@TwitterSupport Edit button now or we riot.

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Major kudos to Jen Psaki @PressSec. I’d almost forgotten what a calm, civilized, lie-free press room feels like. CJ Cregg would be proud. #whatsnext #PressConference

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Man, didn't know I'd be so stoked to go back to normal, boring, daily Press Conferences at the White House.


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If only @Acosta could have got in that room just once more so that he could have a pleasant experience with @PressSec ...

Thanks for the battles chief 🙏

#presssecretary #PressConference #InaugurationDay

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I have a woman crush on @jrpsaki

Loving competency at the press briefing. Imagine that! #PressConference

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@PressSec #LetsDoThisAgainTomorrow Excellent Sign-off. America needs this daily, relentless, continuous truth vaccine to combat Big Lie virus. @Robt_Gibbs @chrislhayes @GeoffRBennett Good point @michelleinbklyn @jrpsaki #PressConference

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It's clear from that #PressConference, @PressSec, and the bust of Ben Franklin in the Oval that we have moved from the era of gaslight back to the world of LED bulbs.

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@TamiGouveiaMA @PressSec @WHO @ParisAgreement Honestly, so freaking refreshing! She might not be able to answer everything the press wants but she’s not combative and treating folks with respect. A+ #PressConference

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The media actually asked hard questions that’s a shock..buttt I don’t like that girl she didn’t answer anything she circled her way around every question but besides that I’m proud of the media for actually asking some hard stuff #PressConference

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