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@rustyrockets Depression & Anxiety have me by the throat right now.

You need some allies. Join a group!

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@Jive_City Profile picture Sailor Jerry


 1 week ago

@rustyrockets I belong to an International Association of People Who Don’t Join Groups and it’s lovely. We mostly just nod at one another as we pass in the park but every once in a while we build a cathedral.

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@rustyrockets We just launched @devasapp that we’re hoping makes it easier for people to ask for help and talk to their family and friends when they’re panicking or feeling down. Would love to help.

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 1 week ago

@rustyrockets Don’t Fuck Everything And Run - Face Everything And Rejoice.
To the guy suffering from Depression and Anxiety Mindfulness is a good tool as well.

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@rustyrockets What type of group?

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@rustyrockets Check out his profile ✨🙌🏽

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@rustyrockets everyone needs their "village" no matter how old they are; get your people - or person - and laugh together, cry together, whatever.

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@rustyrockets Groups are good

Are they real?!

Baudrillard suggests we are in a different place now?

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@rustyrockets Maybe we can stop letting tyrants treat us like slaves so that our friends and neighbors can go back to living life and stop living in constant terror.

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 1 week ago

@rustyrockets What kind of group?

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@rustyrockets Which group

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