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 2 months ago

So many deserve credit for 10yrs to new Georgia: @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr Helen Butler @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart DuBose Porter @DPGChair. Always John Lewis. Charge any omissions to my head. My heart is full.💙

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@JayDavidMurphy @staceyabrams @EricHaywood @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair This is soooo great! Huge fan of the TZ and you nailed this! I literally read this in Rod Sterling's voice

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@jmmiller5 @staceyabrams @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair @StarTrek @wcruz73 @jonathansfrakes @JeriLRyan @MikeMcMahanTM We would love to have her!

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@LoriJ8790 @staceyabrams @MoveOn @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair Please don't use this graphic. It's uncomfortable watching a black man being trodden on, however well meant.

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@staceyabrams @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair Thank you Stacy! They stole Georgia from you but you got the last laugh! Can’t wait to see what you do next!!

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 2 months ago

@staceyabrams @MoveOn @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair Thanks to all! Rest in Power, John Lewis!

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@staceyabrams @EricHaywood @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair You see a man, sitting in the most powerful chair in the world for the last time. All his lies, deception and divisive rhetoric have failed. His embracement of Fascism, racism & white supremacy unmasked. Alone in his misery he begins his new nightmare in the Twilight Zone.

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 2 months ago

@staceyabrams @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair Ms. Abrams - this definitely earns you a guest role on some @StarTrek series, right? Some help @wcruz73, @albinokid, @jonathansfrakes, @JeriLRyan, @MikeMcMahanTM? I absolutely loved your episode of The Pod Directive.

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 2 months ago

@staceyabrams @bret_rd @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair We all owe you folks a HUGE debt of gratitude ... THANK YOU!

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 2 months ago

Georgia, let’s shout out those who’ve been in the trenches and deserve the plaudits for change.

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 2 months ago

@staceyabrams @gwlauren @fairfightaction @nseufot @NewGAProject @AAAJ_Atlanta @GALEOorg @BlackVotersMtr @GeorgiaDemocrat @RebeccaDeHart @DPGChair Thanks so much for your hard work, for your dedication and for your inspiration!

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#Today we have something for #everyone who is busy to improve their #mood. 🤩🤪

Have a nice day! ❤️

@p_lodz_pl #eco #solar #car #green #energy #GreenEnergy #mem #memes #meme #project #funny #happytuesday #tuesdayvibe #team

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#tuesdayvibe ಈ ದಿನ ಅವಶ್ಯವಾಗಿ ವೀಕ್ಷಿಸಿ.

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Today is Trump’s last full day as President. Tomorrow our Madam Vice President gets sworn in. Emotions are a damn mess but I’m feeling so grateful. #tuesdayvibe

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Sooo I might have jumped on a Star Trek Sea Shanty... lol 😂 I adore Star Trek so how could I not?! #StarTrek #TNG #StarTrekTNG #seashanty #Seashantytiktok #SeaShantyTwitter #TikTok #tuesdayvibe

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No realness but all reality #tuesdayvibe #TuesdayFeeling

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