A alegria insuportável de Carlinhos Brown.

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@MatheusPatric90 @rafinhabastos Chato quem fala mood

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@Macedoprod Profile picture SFC_resenha


 1 month ago

@rafinhabastos Invejoso kakakaka

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@rafinhabastos Chaaato esse mood “trio elétrico” eterno que ele vive

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@rafinhabastos Alegria que irrita

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@Tiara_simas Profile picture Tiara👸🏽


 1 month ago
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@rafinhabastos Ajayôô

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@rafinhabastos Rafinha sempre cirúrgico

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@Everton60070030 Profile picture Everton G


 1 month ago

@rafinhabastos Idoloooooo

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#cancerbackoff my grandma and cousin had cancer, but luckily survived! i would love the ipad so much as a senior in high school! love you lots @ColleenB123

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@ColleenB123 @Korsoto @MissRBaller I would love the iPad for my brother for Christmas.See my pinned tweet for a little story about my grandma. #cancerbackoff

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Hi @ColleenB123 !
My mum had breast cancer 2 years ago and so I really wanted to donate, I'm sorry I couldn't donate as much as I did last year but I know my 10 dollars will help, my mum really wants an ipad so i'd love giving it to her!!

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i would love an ipad! i wanna draw and sell designs! ♥️

ive been dealing with an autoimmune disease for 5 years so i’ve experienced the hospital!
i’m so lucky i got to donate to the concert and $30 to the fundraiser! #cancerbackoff @ColleenB123


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My goal is to specialize in children radiology! @ColleenB123 #cancerbackoff

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ly! Im 16 so I don't have money I spread the word on instagram cuz I dont have a following here and if I got the iPad Id give it to my sisters who love to draw digitally! I also lost my grandma to breast cancer, she beat it at first but it came back unfortunately #cancerbackoff

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I would love to win the Flynn's drawing to put it on my wall next to my drawings and pics with my family. @ColleenB123 I've been following you since 2018 when u found out you where pregnant, I love you so much and everything you do for the people. #cancerbackoff

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@ColleenB123 I have only had to deal with a family member having cancer once, and I never want to wish that pain onto anyone. I donated and watched the concert. I love you and I am constantly inspired by you #cancerbackoff

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