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 3 months ago
@juanes @conangray Genial
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 3 months ago

Hace algunos días logré convencer a mi hijo Dante que grabara esta canción que hasta ese día yo no conocía.

Se llama “Heather” de @conangray

En cuestión de 10 minutos fuimos al estudio y la grabó.

No puedo ocultar mi alegría y mis ganas de compartirla con ustedes.

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#thebachelor Sarah is THE most annoying, needy and narcissistic chick 🙄

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Ok, I’m giving in to watch #TheBachelor and man. This Sarah chick is a prime example of how they loooovvvve to play victim and manipulate a situation. I don’t need to identify who “they” are. 😏

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Am I really about to watch this man openly ball all these Black women on this show 🙄

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Sarah makes me insanely angry #TheBachelor

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sarah playing games and matt is a big ol'dummy #TheBachelor

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watching @mattjames919 kiss these women on #TheBachelor

no one:

kameron: 🗣 “HAD YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN. 👏🏽WHY 👏🏽 WERE 👏🏽 THEY 👏🏽 OPEN 👏🏽“


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Matt falling onto Sarah on her (comfy) bed is a mood lmao

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OMG MATT now you are laying in bed with Sarah before your 1 on 1 with another girl?? HORRIBLE #TheBachelor

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