In a new story of speed, the ink on Chapter One is barely dry.

Write the next one yourself.

#adizeroadiosPro - 14/9:

In a new story of speed, the ink on Chapter One is barely dry.

Write the next one yourself.

#adizeroadiosPro - 14/9:

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@adidasrunning These are beautiful 🙌🏼

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Just one chapter in Mary Jepkosgei Keitany’s legacy of speed, the adizero Takumi Sen 5 were on the runner’s feet for the 2019 New York Marathon. A fan favourite and long-distance trailblazer, Keitany is a 4-time winner of the NYC course.

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With the adizero adios Boost 2.0 on his feet, Dennis Kipruto Kimetto changed fast forever at the 2014 Berlin Marathon. Crossing the finish line in a world record 2:02.57, Kimetto and his running shoes left their mark on marathon running.

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In a running shoe built for personal bests, Tirfi Tsegaye raced to victory in the 2014 Berlin Marathon wearing the adizero adios Boost 2.0. Her PB and competition were both left in the dust as Tirfi crossed the finish line.

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Patrick Musyoki wore the adizero adios 2 as he broke the world record at the 2011 Berlin Marathon. Taking the title from Haile Gebrselassie, this race signalled the passing of records from one generation of legendary adizero adios athletes to the next.

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At the 2011 Boston Marathon, Geoffrey Kiprono Mutai sped through the streets of Boston in the adizero Feather in a lightning-fast time of 2:03.02. It may not have been an official world record but it was a landmark moment in long-distance running on a tough course.

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The ‘Neftenga’, or ‘boss’ as it’s known in Ethiopia, is the first shoe in a long line of adizero adios success.@HaileGebr made the world watch as he smashed his own world record wearing the Neftenga at the Berlin Marathon in 2008.

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The latest in the adizero line lands this Monday.

History measured in miles and midsoles, pace and lace, engineering and endurance.

Retrace the steps of a legacy reimagined [1/7]


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@AliVelshi @nytimes I know this is a shitty move by the NYT, but all the people correcting Ali's tag to the proper @Wolfe321 while still keeping the mistaken wolf321 in the reply tags are cracking me up


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Good morning raise you hand if you want The NY Times to #rehireLauren.

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@Alyssa_Milano @nytimes @nytimes The world shared Lauren's @Wolfe321 sentiments and you fire her for voicing them! Have you now become a fascist rag! Everyone who cherishes our democracy must cancel their subscription until you #rehireLauren.

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After seeing why she was fired, I hope she doesn’t go back. Instead, I hope other major newspapers, with worldwide readership, will see this foolishness and move to hire Lauren themselves. I hope she’s flooded with job offers. NYT can fuck off. #rehireLauren

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