Comunicación en Tiempos de Crisis.

Una colaboración del @IFRC y @Twitter.

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@TwitterLatAm @TwitterSeguro @ifrc @Twitter Por favor tomen acciones contra este pedofilo!

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@acosta_lima Profile picture Edson Acosta


 4 months ago

@TwitterLatAm @TwitterSeguro @ifrc @Twitter No puedo ver TT WORLDWIDE me podrán ayudar para que se pueda volver a buscar las tendencias del mundo por favor?

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@JoelJoendy Profile picture Joel Joendy


 5 months ago

@TwitterLatAm @TwitterSeguro @ifrc @Twitter Me están vendiendo la verificion de Twitter. Y la quiero ya que soy un artista. Por favor resolver el problema para que no estafen a los influencer y artistas

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chiefs fans have never ever learned “the score is always 0-0” bad things happen when you get cocky #BUFvsKC

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Halftime report? I missed half of the AFC title game? #BUFvsKC

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30 mins away. #BUFvsKC

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After their bye week, the #Bills started making more effective adjustments at halftime, playing better in the 3rd qtr & 2nd half overall. Lot of football left to play here with a field goal to narrow the gap on the scoreboard & get some momentum going into halftime #BUFvsKC

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Why kick a field goal there? They ain't gonna make up those points #BUFvsKC

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I was the exact same age as my daughter the last time the Bills played KC in the AFC championship game!! Let’s Go Buffalo!! #BillsMafia #Bills #ChampionshipSunday #BUFvsKC #BuffaloBills #AFCChampionship

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