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 7 months ago

Quoted @TeamBharat_

The Brave hearts of Bhartiya Sena who fought until their last breath to protect their motherland will inspire us for generations to come. The whole nation stands in solidarity with the grieving families. Jai Hind. Om Shanti.

The highest respect to our jawans. And deepest condolences to the families of these heroes. 🙏

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@shahidkapoor इनकी वजह से ही हम अपने घरों में आराम से सोते हैं।

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@shahidkapoor India must be the best country in all walks of life. Illiteracy and poverty shd be top focus.Quality edu, health and skills are given free of cost to every Indian. One child one family if parents are unable to take care of more children. We all must aim to lead disciplined lives.

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 7 months ago

@shahidkapoor Sir kya hum logo help nahi kar Sakta ager aap sath do tho covid 19 sa fight karna ka Mera pass idea hai

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@shahidkapoor પ્રભુ એમના આત્માને શાંતિ આપે 🙏

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 7 months ago

@shahidkapoor जय हिन्द सर... जय माँ भारती

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 7 months ago

@shahidkapoor Ladnaww kunn jaye

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 7 months ago

@shahidkapoor Jai Hind , Jai Hind Ki Sena ... Shat Shat Naman 🙏

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 7 months ago

@shahidkapoor You were mocking SSR.. weren't you..?

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thats is so fucked up omg :( #whendoesitstop

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hey can yall please please not spam those conan gray hashtags there is something 10x more important going on ( #whendoesitstop ) and its disrespectful as fuck that yall choose to ignore it and spam your dumb hashtags

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tw // rape , homophobia

#whendoesitstop f/ucking hell

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tw // rape

please use your platform to speak up about the heinous crimes that are being committed on the daily in india #whendoesitstop

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