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#Thread Analysis of the occurrence by Admiral Cloudberg

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𝘋𝘰𝘳𝘮 𝘣𝘶𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘴’ 🤍🏹.’|𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺 𝘵𝘰𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩!|𝘌𝘱𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘥𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘶𝘳.
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Photos from my vantage point near the Capitol building in Washington, DC. #Thread

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#Thread SAT1 documentary on the accident (In German language)

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#Thread Excerpt from “Mayday – Air Crash Investigation” episode on the crash, including accident reenactment

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#Thread Audio of the Cockpit Voice Recorder [WARNING – Content may disturb listeners]

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AndrewHolnessJM: #Thread: Scholarship Opportunity:

Andrew Holness/Positive Jamaica Foundation Scholarship on the History of Jamaica and the Atlantic World.

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#Thread FAA “Lessons Learned” analysis on the occurrence, including animations.

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#Thread: Scholarship Opportunity:

Andrew Holness/Positive Jamaica Foundation Scholarship on the History of Jamaica and the Atlantic World.

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If you care about nature, if you're a farmer, if you care about climate change, if you love the outdoors, you should care about the campaign for free school meals and £20 extra a week on universal credit.

For farmers to farm for nature and for the environment they need food to

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This #thread... A large portion of the country has completely lost their minds.

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Warning signs are flashing red for the property market as indicators suggest prices could plunge by 6%+.

@MariannaHunt5 reveals 5 things the data is telling us about a slump and how the end of the stamp duty holiday could make things worse (a #thread 👇)

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#Thread on the Bali scenario... smh Crazy

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C’est fait ! Pour son DERNIER jour au pouvoir, Donald #Trump vient de conclure officiellement la vente de 9 des 11 parcelles de la Réserve Naturelle Sauvage #Arctique ouvertes à l’exploration pétrolière.

Plus d’infos ici:

Et dans le #thread ci-dessous ⤵️

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Some interesting findings for @theSNP delegates at next weekends National Assembly & food for thought for those so vehemently opposed to the discussion of legal & constitutional options other than a Section 30 order

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Is everyone getting my point about all communities needing to work together to STOP medically transition kids yet?

23 states in the US banned talk therapy for gender confused kids, US announced a trans-W as the secretary of health, an obese man who denies bio @jk_rowling

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We are joining 16 other voting rights and civil rights orgs in calling for the resignation of Gwinnett County elections chair Alice O'Lenick after she threatened state lawmakers and demanded they make voting more difficult in Georgia to help Republicans win. #AliceMustGo #gapol

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My MilLife is a text-based program that delivers the expertise of the @MilitaryHealth System, @Military1Source and other government agencies to your mobile device.

See #thread for more details.

#Resiliency #OurArmyOhana #MoveToHealth #M2H #HealthyArmyCommunities

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Commodifying attention platforms have warped our collective psyche…

The world has turned these issues on their heads many times since writing this essay for the forthcoming @OneProject book 'The New Possible' but the fundamentals remain the same. 1/5

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Bang Chan pictures as my favorite non-kpop songs #BangChan #Thread #StrayKids

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#Thread on #wechat and its creator...............

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#AmyWinehouse #handmadenecklace #artcrafts #greekart #jewellery #jewelry #handweaving #wovenhand #weavers #artofweaving #singer #necklaces #neckpiece #madeingreece #greektradition #Thread #beads #blackandwhite #authentic #style #υφαντο #κολιε #μικρουφαντικη

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Very important #Thread

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Ich hab den Beschluss der #MPK mal durchgeguckt danach, was tatsächlich beschlossen wurde.

Den ganzen Beschluss findet Ihr hier (pdf)

Hier mit Hervorhebungen der Beschlüsse in der Prosa. (Mal gucken, ob das lesbar ist..)

S. 3

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Col voto di oggi al #Senato abbiamo un governo di minoranza, visto che ottiene la fiducia grazie agli astenuti.
Ancora più che alle normali elezioni, da questa #crisigoverno escono tutti vincitori.

Perché? Seguitemi: 🧵

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#Thread 🤦‍♂️

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Haikyuu Characters responding/reacting to your Instagram posts and confessing part 2
{I apologize for any miss spelling}
{Not my pictures/art}
#haikyuuthreads #haikyuuthread #haikyuu #thread #volleyball

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12 Fakten über die #AfD und ihre Wähler:innen, mit vielen Links zu #wissenschaft|ichen Studien. Ein wirklich gut gemachter und sehr wichtiger #Thread. 👇

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when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are.....
#Smile_always #kimtaehyungyouareperfect #KimTaehyungWeLoveYou #ARMYSeIcaDay #ARMY #BTSARMY #BTSV #perfect #Thread

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A #Thread about my 90 year old Da, Tom.
Tonight he is glued to #rtept
And tomorrow will mostly be watching #JoeBiden

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The time I almost got caught fingering this girl 🤭🤷🏾‍♀️

Both real and imaginary

#freakytheads #Threads #threadstorytime #Imaginary #real #threadstory #Thread

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NEW from me:

Increasingly militant 'Parler refugees' and anxious QAnon adherents prep for doomsday

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Ognuno ha un sogno.
Sa bene che non si avverrà mai. Eppure continua a sognare.
We haVe have a dream
MLK lo sapeva
Quale era il mio?
Sapendo da sempre che sarebbe arrivato il momento, in un mondo sempre più globale, dell'arrivo di problemi globali, sognavo la capacità di cambiare

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A hearing is getting underway in DC federal court before Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey in a batch of Capitol insurrection cases — defendants are making their initial appearances in DC federal court. Stay tuned for updates

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"Laschet könne keinen einzigen AfD-Wähler zurückholen", so der Tenor in internen Gruppen der CDU-Landtagsfraktion in Sachsen-Anhalt. Was mich frustriert: Auf die Wissenschaft hört wieder keiner. Viele AfD-Wähler sind sowieso nicht erreichbar für die CDU.

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Allen Zhang the creator of WeChat (I am a fangirl) gave a 2 hr long speech yesterday abt his thoughts on the product on the eve of its 10th anniversary.

It's a lot on Channels (the new video function in WeChat).

Here are my notes & comments in parentheses:

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For President Trump’s last full day in office, I want to list out all of the great things he has done for our nation 📝(THREAD):

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Arewa Men what’s the highest thing an Arewa woman you’re dating has ever done for you (gift/sacrifice) that have you thinking of Marrying her? Let’s hear your stories .....

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My Da Tom (90) is coping with #Lockdown3 by consuming ribs & cabbage, marmalade & soda bread, fancy cakes & tay, drawing, painting, playing his fiddle, reading papers, watching snooker, scrolling through Facebook & Insta, playing with dogs & strong whiskey every night.

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Essa gente sumiu, mas as imagens vergonhosas do golpe contra Dilma ficaram. Nessa thread lembraremos de algumas:

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Exposed: THE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ON CONVERSION THERAPY - the full shocking story of how this professionally binding document is designed to
*Ensure a trans outcome for all young people with gender dysphoria
*Silence any opposition

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Laporan ke @ditjen_imigrasi tembus di rspond admin. Smg jika mmg perlu penertiban, akan ditindak sesuai. Bkn diskriminasi, tapi penegakan hukum.

Report to immigration replied by admin. Hoping, if necessary, it'll be dealt with accordingly. Not discrimination, but law enforcement

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Hier, #Trump a accordé de nouvelles concessions pétrolières dans la Réserve Naturelle Sauvage #Arctique (ANWR).

Toutefois, c’est un triple échec :
1) Le prix est dérisoire
2) Les acheteurs sont peu crédibles
3) Biden pourra casser la vente

Explications dans ce #THREAD ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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Snopes' "fact checkers" are wrong about mRNA vaccins:

Snopes, who claims to do fact checking, writes:

"No, mRNA COVID vaccines do not alter your DNA".

Snopes did not even begin to check the science facts.

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