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#TheBachelorette Noah saved over Demar, Ed, and Spencer. How do people feel about that?

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@cjcreggsmentee The last season of #TheBachelorette had some of the most emotionally healthy content ever, and they even tried switching Bachelorettes in the middle of the show lol. But the interactions in the house were so genuinely great 90+% of the time.

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Katie for #TheBachelorette I’ve already decided. #BachelorNation

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this week we talk allll things recent #loveislandusa and #thebachelorette breakups, including some cheating rumors. 👀👀👀👀

then, the biden-harris administration accomplishments so far and the latest drivers license drama.

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i’m manifesting that katie will be #TheBachelorette PLEASE ABC #TheBachelorABC

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I LOVE KATIE SO MUCH #TheBachelorette PLZ!!!!

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Former #TheBachelorette Hannah Brown appears to have a new man in her life! 💘

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Seen on #TheBachelorette Becca, my Diamondback Threader Earrings

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Katie should definitely be the new #Bachelorette. Not only does she rip Victoria a new one (rightfully so) but she has 4 out of the 4 qualities in the #EmotionalIntelligence book. Many would be proud. #TheBachelor New merch from #TheBachelorette could be #DildosForEveryone 🤣

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the way Katie refused to apologize to Victoria for insulting other women lives in my head rent free we stan a real feminist #TheBachelor

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Feeling sexy today. You know you'd want all this gloriousness. #TheBachelorette #thebachelor
Wheres my rose?

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Excuse me @chrisbharrison @Millsy11374 @fleissmeister why haven’t you filmed any sort of catch-up with Tayshia and Zac? @tayshia was such a good bachelorette, this isn’t fair to her or the fans who want to see an update #Bachelor #BachelorNation #TheBachelorette

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yes we love chelsea getting this group date rose especially after opening up about her relationship with her hair as a Black woman #TheBachelorette

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How did we go from the best group of guys in #TheBachelorette to this terrible group of girls in #TheBachelor To be fair, not all of the girls suck. I like Michelle and Katie. But Michelle just came on the show tonight so not looking good.

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.@RuPaul can next seasons makeover episode of #DragRace please feature the male contestants of #TheBachelorette

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Where do you think Victoria and Anna fit among the ranks of past #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette villains? 🤔

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Is it too soon to just name Katie the #TheBachelorette? All in favor say aye! Or just RT. #TheBachelor

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Before Vine videos and #TheBachelorette or #thebachelor there were #Reba videos

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I am truly deeply and significantly disliking this season of #TheBachelor

Weather it's #TheBachelor or #TheBachelorette (or #BIP) ABC seems to pick the absolute worst of the worst people and put them on a national platform on TV. Just my humble opinion. #ABC #TheBachelorABC

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This is my first season ever watching #TheBachelor after coming in totally green to the most recent #thebachelorette and the difference in tone is shocking. When it’s men competing, the show is light-hearted. When it’s women competing, it’s mean-spirited and sometimes dangerous

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Rachael Kirkconnell wearing a PrettyLittleThing shirt on The Bachelor

#thebachelorette #thebachelor #mattjames #rachaelkirkconnell #prettylittlething

Shopping links on

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If Katie is not #TheBachelorette this show is rigged. #TheBachelor

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I honestly can’t stop thinking about Katie, she’s my absolute favorite contestant in a very long time.


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If Katie doesn’t become #TheBachelorette I’m not watching

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Okay but MJ reminds me of Lee from Ed Edd n Eddy #MJ #thebachelor #abc #TheBachelorette #ABCthebachelor

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Hold up @ABCNetwork how did the escort get the “model” tag, but I own a cosmetic company with 10 products for men and women and got “male grooming specialist” tag. I feel slighted 😂 #thebachelor #TheBachelorABC #thebachelorette

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Ya know...

If they made @Ventwithkatie the next #TheBachelorette...

And she chose her vibrator over all the men and sent them home...

Yeah. I’m #TeamKatie #TheBachelor

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These girls on #TheBachelor are straight up MEAN to their core. Salty and pissy for no reason. Good lord. It’s wild the difference between the bros on #TheBachelorette to this. Wow.

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