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Got my reindeer slippers on and a box of cheez•it I am so ready for #talesofthesmp

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hey! you! do you like #minecraft? do you want a #smallstreamer to watch after the lore dump that will be #talesoftheSMP ? pop by my stream at 7pmPST! gonna have some chill vibes :] #lgbt #minecraftstreamer

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is it me or are jschlatt’s eyes red? and everyone who’s controlled by the egg their eyes go red.. but schlatt’s dead. the egg started talking real words in foolish’s lore stream today... do u guys see where i’m going w this? #dreamsmp #talesofthesmp

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Tales From the SMP Presents: The Haunted Mansion
Tonight ~8:00 pm EST!
Don't wanna miss it! See ya there :]

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#TALESOFTHESMP IS TONIGHT!! i have a feeling it’s going to be right after corpse’s lobby ‼️

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i know he’ll never see it but if you could share this and maybe attempt to get it to him that’d be cool!! #TalesFromTheSMP #TalesfromtheSMPArt #talesofthesmp #karljacobsfanart

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#talesofthesmp before every tales of the smp my friend and i facetime and talk about theories n stuff and afterwards we both freak out together even tho it’s like 3am for the uk

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was there a #talesofthesmp last night?

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#dsmp #talesofthesmp What if the L'manburg anthem isn't an actual anthem but a hitlist the song goes Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, and fuck Eret, Wilburs dead and now Tommy's dead both murdered the deaths have so far followed the order in the song which would mean tubbo's next but if it

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Hey @honkkarl @KarlJacobs_ @THEHONKBOY probably won't see this, but just wondering how far back the next #talesofthesmp is?

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#karljacobsfanart #karlfanart #karljacobs #TalesFromTheSMP #talesofthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #TalesfromtheSMPArt

Karl Time Traveling!

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#ranbutler #RANBOO #ranboofanart #ranbooart #FANART #talesofthesmp #talesofthesmpfanart #fanartwork #wigdofornine #digitalart #DigitalArtist #digitaldrawing #digitalartwork #artwork

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Dumb theory I have... Karl said the new tales of the smp is a haunted mansion set a little in the future. What if the mansion is skeppy and bbh’s mansion with the ghosts of Tommy, Wilbur, schlatt, and anyone else who passed away on the smp. #TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp

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surprise thing coming tomorrow :) i’m really excited for it. IT IS #talesofthesmp related 👀

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@emma_jo_k_ ty :) also, recommended words to mute!

lmanberg or lmanburg
This list wont 100% help but it'll clear it up a little.

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This is reason Karl is my favourite comfort streamer. He puts in SO MUCH thought, and effort and it really pays off!!! I’m am super ecstatic for this stream, and all the ones to come. <3 #karljacobs #talesofthesmp @honkkarl #dreamsmp

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I drew this whilst watching Ranboos stream to keep me from crying... It didn't work haha :')

Hello sir Jacobs 👋 say it back.

#karljacobsfanart #karlfanart #karljacobs #TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp #TalesFromTheSMPArt #talesofthesmpfanart #digitalart #mcytfanart

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tw bright colors
yes yes yes we love
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#TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #talesofthesmpfanart #TalesFromTheSMPArt #talesofthesmpart #karljacobsfanart

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Here's your
-Local sever Moxberry BerryPatch had a player vs player manhunt as user Octo decided to announce they jinxed the #talesofthesmp
-This caused user Your_Everyday_weirdo,and Cyan-ide to cause a manhunt against user octo
continue in trend

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my Karl design is so inconsistent qwq
( in between Karl and time travel Karl :D )
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#TALESFROMTHESMP #talesofthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #talesofthesmpfanart #TalesFromTheSMPArt #talesofthesmpart #karljacobsfanart

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Anyone knows if #talesofthesmp is today? Idk if i should sleep 👍

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#talesofthesmp Part one of book theory: ok so you know how tommy lost his last cannon life and exposed dream on how he probably can't even bring someone back alive with the "book" he had from schlatt. I think that is true but hear me out I think that schlatt did have a book-

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@honkkarl @KarlJacobs_ #talesofthesmp
You should do tales from the SMP about Philza were u stumble upon a tomb or and it has different parts to it and you see different pictures of philza in black and white and different places with different people.

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guys im new to the dream smp, can someone tell me where to watch #talesofthesmp tonight?? twitch?? youtube??

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am i the only one excited for the #talesofthesmp poster to drop? just to see who the other new actor is gonna be.

no this isn’t me totally terrified it’s gonna be tommy, no not at all what? pfft-

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@honkkarl im progressing, the grey one thats broken represents the inbetween btw #karljacobsfanart #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #karljacobs #talesofthesmp

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#talesofthesmp #dreamsmp
y’know how we all thought the books from the lost city of mizu were incorrect? weeelll... we might’ve been wrong (a thread)

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