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@jimmyfallon When I was 5, I had an activity booklet, and one page said to invent your own ice cream flavor. I came up with mint chocolate chip. I didn't even like mint! I was shocked on my next visit to Baskin Robbins to find that they had the flavor I made up! #StoleMyIdea #MyWorstInvention

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@littlecaesars cmon yall, stole my idea! How you gonna do me like that, Little Caesars? #littlecaesars #stolemyidea #pizzagate #cheestickgate #identitytheftisnotajokejim

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Why isn’t this already a thing? How can this be news in 2020? #stolemyidea

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Quantum mechanics textbook teaches through examples #physics

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Erm @Snapchat you owe me some royalties I believe 🤔🙃🤷🏼‍♀️ #stolemyidea #socialmediamanager #Commission #5yearsago @cameronetodd

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@Oreo I have emailed, tweeted, Facebook messaged, and I have gotten zero response. How can I submit a new flavor for a contest, not get chosen, then you use my idea anyways. #oreo #oreocontest #AskTwitter #Notcool #givecredit #TwitterPoll #stolemyidea

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I was just thinking about making this meme this morning!! 🤣🤣🤣

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@Kingswitz88 Im so excited to try this. For years I’ve said downtown okc doesn’t have a good donut shop or burger and I’ve wanted to start up a shop serving donuts in AM, burgers at lunch and speciality is a donut burger. @dhoeltzel can vouch and thought I was an idiot. #stolemyidea

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Last night I came up with a great title for the book I want to write. Then this morning I open Twitter and the first post I see is about a reviewer getting ready to review a book with almost the exact title I thought of. #coincidence #DejaVu #stolemyidea #FML 😳

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There’s an easier way to fix climate change: Plant more trees

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@PapaJohns @PapaJohns_DMV I wish y'all would offer something like this! A half-pizza, half-cheesesticks lunch combo! Itd be perfect!

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I don’t see what the big deal about #Banksy is. I ‘shredded’ mine into 4 pieces 3 years ago #stolemyidea

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@Shell_Cooling3 @FiCrowey @JonnoSimpson @bronwynklei Guess I’ll be returning that smoke chamber now 🙄 #stolemyidea

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“The spinoff will continue to portray contemporary issues that are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago,” ABC said. via @HuffPost #StoleMyIdea!

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@_RossWilliams79 @SwanseaCouncil @Cllr_robstewart I did propose something similar before the swansea bid to the chief exec informally.... from #aberavon, to #baycampus to #swanseacitycentre to #swanseauniversity to #mumbles and maybe beyond but they opted for a less ambitious option eh #stolemyidea 🤫

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so today while I was acting then J.W.B comes out of nowhere and steels my spotlight by shooting the president #stolemyidea #hclkp218 (CG)

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@LAValiant @westofhouse Actually already doing this lol. #StoleMyIdea

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Full disclosure: this tweet was my idea. #NoShoutOut #StoleMyIdea

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.@foxnews is sending us push notifications on how not to be racist. Hmmmm...

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When I was young, I made up the white ranger because I was such a #PowerRangers fan. It was right after they introduced the green ranger. Well, then Tommy became the White Ranger, effectively, in my mind, they #stolemyidea. Any stolen idea stories you have?

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Every wonder how you could play Catan all around the world on a budget? Well, if you're crafty here's one way!

#Worldsbestgame #Catan #boardgame #stolemyidea

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Not all boards have to be flat: Globefarers of Catan #boardgames #tabletop

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So pumped for the new Ready Player One Movie! I actually thought of this game invention idea before even the book came out :P #ReadyPlayerOne #movies #VR #ReadyPlayerOneChallenge #stolemyidea

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@dancleverley I’m definitely taking credit for this #stolemyidea

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That tattoo is nowhere on the Internet so if I see anyone with it here on after, you’re welcome… #StoleMyIdea

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Lewis Hamilton having a mental breakdown and deleting his tweets and not using twitter...

He honestly just copied me, I literally did that weeks ago mate🙄

He is the WTF1 of F1 drivers #unoriginal #StoleMyIdea

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@treco27 @HamiltonMusical #StoleMyidea ... Glad you got a couple of pair back ... #GoodgivestoGood

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I Use To Tell Tia About How I Wanted To Be On The Suite Life And Explained Exactly How My Character Would Be Introduced. I Kid You Not, Bailey's Intro To The Show Was Exactly What I Came Up With! Lol #stolemyidea #jk #crazycoincedencetho

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@collectsideshow Wanted to do the same thing for picking me to win something earlier. But I would deliver it myself since I'm only an hour away. #stolemyidea

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