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@farmer_kylie Saw #FistOfFuryNoongarDaa in #perthfest Rockingham last night. First time seeing the movie and to see it dubbed in Noongar was amazing! It worked so well (you were great as the voice of Wu!) Well done to everyone involved, and for keeping Noongar language alive!

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Performing this afternoon at The Perth Festival - among friends and for the most adorable wild creatures! See you there little tigers!!! Sunday 28 Feb 2021 - Full day of concerts for kids and kids in heart at the Zoo as part of the Perth Festival. #perthfest #perth

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Did that really happen? Was I the main character in this play last night? Or was it a crazy-cool dream? #perthfest
Whistleblower | State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth

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Last night WA soprano Sara Macliver with the Wind Quintet Plus performed a new work ‘Black Giants’ by WA composer Rebecca Erin Smith, which was commissioned by Tura for @perthfest's One & Many. Read more:

#NewMusic #perthfest

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Sitting inside the @perthconcerthal listening to so many influential speakers for #DayofIdeas at #Perthfest ... knowledge absorption overload 🙌🏼 #toomoorditj

Pictured here: Dr Richard Walley OAM sharing his opening words for the day ahead ...

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What a wonderful production by @YirraYaakin, a special night in the #theatre for #perthfest. The first show in Eva Mullaley’s creative program vision as Artistic Director. A story that no culture is exempt from!



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Broad Australian humour in a beautiful outdoor venue, combined with a great 1980s song list, brings new life to Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard", in this @BlackSwanSTC production showing as part of @perthfest #PerthFest

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Get to know a bit more about Perth's best outdoor cinema and the home of @perthfest's Lotterywest Films 🎬🌲✨ #UWASomerville #perthfest

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Tickets are back on sale for @YirraYaakin's production of 'The Sum of Us' for @perthfest. Featuring an entire first-nations cast, we're excited to see the show hit the stage from tonight! #thesumofus #perththeatre #liveperformance #perthfest

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Cosy chats about cosy crime by @leksuthought and The Literature Centre for @perthfest tonight 📚☕ Death Leaves the Station is a hit 🤩 @City_Joondalup @FremantlePress #DeathLeavesTheStation #FremantlePress #TheLiteratureCentre

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See 'The Sum of Us' at Subiaco Arts Centre from Thu 25 Feb – Sun 7 Mar 2021! 🎭

Tickets (@perthfest):
Tickets (@PerthTT):

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DEADLY Review 👇🏼

Don’t miss WITNESS STAND at #Mandoon #Djiidjalalap #Kariinap #MtPleasant #Nyiiabarap + #Walyalup for #PerthFest 🙌🏼

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A series of bespoke seating tiers, with a series of specially commissioned sound works, extend from #Mandoon to #Walyalup & through to #Wadjemup where audiences experience the ancient stories of this place...

19 Feb – 14 Mar

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... #Noongar generations.

#Gongheifatchoy, 耶耶. #Thankyou for sharing in this #historic ocassion with us. I will #treasure it forever!


Behind the scenes:

#worldfirst #dub #fistorfurynoongardaa #perthfest

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Just interviewed the *legendary* Craig Silvey for #perthfest schools day - what an epic chat 🙌🙌

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@Dames_Long Thanks for the wonderful question Dames! You sparked a great moment. Loved that event. Thanks for being a key part of it. #perthfest @perthfest

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I was just an overly talkative head on a screen but somehow that theatre felt so bloody warm and welcoming! Thanks Joanne and thank you Perth for a magical evening at @perthfest And what a treasure you are @GillOshaughness #perthfest @MaryJoBeth54

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@Dames_Long I think we should all believe this. Let it enter into #perthfest lore. Every year, she emerges. Who will she yell encouragement at this year? Only time will tell...

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Just got home from seeing my first concert since the pandemic started and had a great time.
It was Tim Minchin and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, at the beautiful Kings Park for #perthfest.
For the encore he played When I Grow Up and White Wine in the Sun, which I love.

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@GillOshaughness was at the Maj this arvo . How wonderful was that ! Thank you 🙏 and @TrentDalton ! Just like a big hug 🤗. We went home whistling 😙 #perthfest

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Michelle White, a river kid raised in Guildford, says Witness Stand has much to tell us about the Noongar culture of the Derbarl Yerrigan, and she finally discovers why the Devil’s Elbow was out of bounds.

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This weekend at #PerthFest, I’ve made a point of asking writers what the best bit of writing advice they’ve ever received is. @TrentDalton recounted his imposter syndrome to a previous audience, and a woman in that audience goes, I have a statement, not a question...’

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The protagonist of 'All Our Shimmering Skies' was inspired by the "Aussie kids walking the knife-edge of having the magic beaten out of them" that @TrentDalton has seen time and again in the suburbs of Australian cities in his journalistic life. #perthfest

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"I think that getting people to think imaginatively is an indirect way to lead them to activism...writing didactically wouldn't convince anyone who doesn't already agree with me." - @RobbieArnott, #perthfest

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"I like to play with the idea of a community I'm easy symbiosis with animals, which is something some human cultures have done for a long time...including in this country." - @RobbieArnott on some of the human-animal relationships in his books, #perthfest

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In 'The Rain Heron', @RobbieArnott "wanted to create a nature myth", but one in which the mythical creature isn't interested in humans in the way so many mythical characters are in human storytelling. #perthfest

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We'll also be live tweeting from Shaun Tan's @perthfest session starting now - talking about his latest release Dog! #ShaunTan #Dog #perthfest

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@LucyRGibson @perthfest Very disappointing attendance though given the work and money that clearly went into what was billed as a #perthfest showcase. Marketing poor . Strangely and obviously wrongly it said sold out online?? @perthfest

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Inspiring cultures: Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury dubbed into Noongar #perthfest via @AJEnglish

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So, I have been gifted with a literal bag of dicks 🍆🍆

A bookseller baked them just for me and gave them to me yesterday at #perthfest 😂😂

Thanx @jetlagmama I will enjoy them tremendously 🤤🤤

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Deadly in the dojo - my review of ⁦@perthfest⁩ Fist of Fury Noongar Daa #brucelee #kungfu #perthfest #noongar #fistoffury@westaustralian

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Inspiring cultures: Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury dubbed into Noongar

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Oh nothing. Just sending a text message to Tim Minchin. 😯 #perthfest

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Fun day out at His Majesty's Theatre for #perthfest today! My second year going to these author panels, and I don't really know what initially sparked my interest in this parallel field, but old buildings + hearing people talk about their craft = guaranteed inspiration 🤗

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As we build to the world premiere of #FistOfFuryNoongarDaa tonight, we pay our deepest respect to:

Noongar Ancestors

Noongar Stolen Generation

Noongar Language Caretakers

Noongar People

Bruce Lee (for inspiring our people)

#perthfest #noongar #filmdub #alwayswasalwayswillbe

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Such an honour to work with my kongk (uncle) as I’ve looked up to his language leadership for many years!

#fistoffurynoongardaa #perthfest

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#Noongar community living treasure, Barry McGuire, speaks about #FistOfFuryNoongarDaa and working w/ Director @farmer_kylie 👇🏼

“I’m proud to be part of a project in which Bruce Lee fights for justice and speaks to us in our own language...”


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