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@m_grhoosier1 @nit_stu @feed_happy @ZachOsterman I’m not sure if anybody wants to see #iubb go up against old Jim Boeheim’s match up zone again. The memories of that drubbing are etched into our minds. It really sucked the lifeblood out of our program. #NIT

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The very first “one shining moment” March 1987 😉. #shotheardroundtheworld #iubb

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@AlanWade7 @TheMopLady “Comically lazy” lol. So triggered bro. What’s lazy is #IUBB base being all knowing in the game of college basketball. We need to understand today’s game and pick a path. Want potential big tourney runs? Or lots of Seniors born in Indiana? They won’t go hand in hand

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IU basketball is a projected #1 seed . . . in the NIT. GO HOOSIERS #iubb

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@TheMopLady Kentucky fans don’t expect Adolph Rupp to walk through the door. And they’ve won some since his time.

Ditto North Carolina with Dean Smith, Kansas and James Naismith.

In fb, Bear Bryant’s long gone, but ‘Bama never gave up the will to win.

It can be done. #IUBB

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The eyes of Texas are upon you. Those that do not make the Big Dance, the NIT is being moved from NYC to the Dallas area. #iubb

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#iubb will not even make NIT! Have to be at .500 or better! Currently 12-12. Will lose both this week and first BTT game. 12-15! #pathetic

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How bad is IU basketball? Rutgers is down by 30 to Nebraska. #iubb

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#iubb big man hasn't seen the court this season.

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#iubb big man hasn't seen the court this season.

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I'm not here to make excuses, 3 of top 5 are from bigten and 6 of top 25. The league brutal. Now is #iubb doing enuff no! I'm not sure where everyone gets iu is talented.. Davis is only pro on that team and I'm not sure he's ready for nba yet! This week is huge!

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@marchmadness @BoilerBall @IndianaMBB @LifeAtPurdue @IUHoosiers @IndianaUniv @B1GMBBall @IndianaOnBTN @PurdueOnBTN @bigten @BigTenNetwork Seeing the IU logo on the floor and knowing we aren’t going to be anywhere in this tournament is soul crushing #iubb

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Imagine IU traveling to Texas to play in the NIT when the entire NCAA tourney is in the state of Indiana lmaooo #FireArchie #iubb

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@jimcoyleISB Archie Miller will go down as the worst coach in #iubb history. Ouch.

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Desperate IU looking to snap skid at Michigan State, plus C Joey Brunk undecided about his future #iubb | Sports |

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And of course now that Sparty got beat by MD, they will be ready to pound us tomorrow night. Really hope we can put 40 minutes of decent play tomorrow night. #iubb ⚪🔴

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Nebraska putting a beat down on Rutgers right now definitely not helping IU’s tournament resume #iubb

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Ouch! Since the AP Poll began in 1949 Every 4-year Indiana basketball player has been on a Top 10 team in their Hoosier career. Al Durham will become the first player not to get to enjoy that. That's a 72 year streak by the wayside. #iubb

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Rutgers getting 20 pieced by Nebraska is not helping my overall sanity right now. #iubb

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One of the most dissapointing stories from this season. I hope he gets healed up so he can live a full life pain free. #iubb

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Wat Shot is tied with Killingworth’s breakaway dunk vs Duke (I don’t have enough of a base of in-person #iubb memories)

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Imagine being a senior at IU and never seeing Indiana in an NCAA Tournament, that sucks.

I don’t know what the answer is or what the direction should be, but what I do know is that this fan base has been patient and loyal and we’re so damn hungry for success.

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A bit late today, but we’re back with Bracketology 3.0! #GoCards holds steady as a 9 seed, while #iubb needs to string a few wins together, as they’re in the next four out! Only one week until the postseason begins for everyone!

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I don't know about you guys but scouring brackets for #iubb and not finding them in the field of 64 should NEVER feel normal. NEVER has. NEVER will! Indiana fans, students, former players, former coaches, all deserve better. We demand better! ⚪🔴

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It’s March! What’s your favorite IU basketball memory? It’s not a March madness moment, but the Wat Shot will always be a favorite of ours...

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I’ll be shocked if Archie is there to have this conversation during the spring (off season). Then again, I won’t be shocked because #iubb has shown this program is perfectly okay with accepting mediocrity.

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An NBA scout told me last season that if Trayce could develop his off hand that he would be a lottery pick. Has made significant progress and would certainly be drafted this season but likely in late first round in my opinion #iubb

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Joey Brunk weighs another year at IU after being sidelined by back injury via @indystar

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Before the season, sources close to the team told me that Trayce Jackson-Davis told them that he was going to test the NBA waters at end of season. I expect him to follow through with this given his current statistics of 19.8ppg on 52% fg along with 9.3 reb #iubb

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🏀 Indiana Hoosiers (@IndianaMBB)
🗒️ #iubb up to East Lansing for Tuesday night
🆚 Michigan State Spartans #GoGreen #Sparty #IUvsMSU
✈️ SKW6560 | N933EV | CRJ2
🛫 BMG - 6:53pm ET
🛬 LAN - 7:38pm ET
Track Here👉🏼:

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@DoogieHauser01 @Hoosierdad65 @CubsWinDSW @DelphiBrackets Jesus Christ. I wonder if he would hold the all time worst record as an #IUBB coach against Purdue. Surely he has to hold that at 0-7, and especially at 0-8.

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@JackGrossman97 Making the NIT is not what #iubb wants but we have to accept right? Postseason experience is always a good thing.

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The Daily Hoosier Report: The Latest in IU News and Recruiting Notes (03/01) #iubb #iufb

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Teri for men’s coach!! #iubb

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Chicago Chalk Talk starting up soon talking...

- #iubb last week
- Bulls have an all star!
- Spring Training underway
- Patty Kane #400

Join @nicklanscioni and I in 15.

or 99.1FM if you're in the area

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@feed_happy @ZachOsterman With only 16 teams going to the #NIT tourney this year is #iubb in danger of missing any kind of post season play?

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Today's @SportsRush1380 with @BrettRumpSports is up! @gregrakestraw of @iscsportsnet and @IHSAAtv
joins to preview boys high school basketball sectional matchups and 15 Minutes with Don Fischer on #iubb and #iuwbb

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The NIT is moving the entire 2021 event to Texas, taking the semifinals and championship game out of New York’s Madison Square Garden for the first time in the tournament's 83-year history.

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Brunk says he'll have a conversation with Archie Miller over the spring about returning.

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When March was the best time to be a Hoosier. #MarchMadness

The good ole days. ⚪️🔴

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