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Wise words from Thomas Sowell.

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I feel sorry for this child. #CandaceOwens

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GEORGE ORWELL. #benshapiro #CandaceOwens #DonaldTrumpJr

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Candace Owens Becomes Mother To A Black Baby Boy

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I hope @RealCandaceO child has beautiful and prominent Black features, its skin is nice and brown and his hair is course with the tightest curls. #CandaceOwens

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Great career move for #JimmyDore, finding the #CandaceOwens niche of humanizing right wing fascists like the #Boogaloo Boys.
Don’t fall for any Boogaloo rebranding garbage. #BoogalooBoys & #ProudBoys are synonyms - hateful, fascist, violent, Tяump worshipping seditionists.

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The day Candace Owens is in office you bet your ass I’m celebrating. That’s a real woman right there. 👏🏾 #CandaceOwens 2024

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#Brady is the GREATEST player to play in the NFL. Arguably the GREATEST athlete to breathe oxygen.

He can only be compared to, Floyd Mayweather.

*Side note*
#CandaceOwens has the feminine hygiene of a weir wall in a sewage pipe.
Day 221

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@RealCandaceO I hope you run in 2024. Just know you have my support as well as millions more #CandaceOwens #owens2024

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Candice Owens Shared A Photo Of Her White Baby & Guess Who's Dragging Her? via @YouTube @RealCandaceO #CandaceOwens Candace you really need to watch this full video about you #CandaceOwens

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@RealCandaceO First off They are a GIFT not a reward!!!!! Now you can continue your self hate, licking the boots of racists and BEING A BALD FACE LIAR! all day Sis but don’t misquote👉🏾 The God of Abraham Isaac ,and Jacob’s HOLY WORD!! No Ma’am😒 DO NOT!! #CandaceOwens #selfhate

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Maybe #EmanualJackson should call #larryelder or #CandaceOwens for help?

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Facebook CENSORED a sitting President. Social media is censoring Candace Owens and many others also. None of us are safe! #CandaceOwens via @YouTube

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#Congrats to #CandaceOwens and George on their beautiful kid 🍼❤️

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#DustinPoirier beats #ConorMcGregor by KO at #UFC257 and gets redemption for his 2014 loss. McGregor contributes his poor performance to the fact... #CandaceOwens has the feminine hygiene of a weir wall in a sewage pipe.
Day 220

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Somewhere #EmmanuelJackson has an Auntie who told him "If all your little friends jumped off a bridge...." and he now regrets that he didn't listen

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Just wow! The very people that #CandaceOwens props up daily hate her blackness just as much as she does. Her own commenters threw her under the bus. To her credit she isn't running around with Trump dresses on.

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This is a terrible article. #candaceowens

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Congratulations #CandaceOwens on your precious and beautiful baby boy! Psalm 127:3!

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Facebook CENSORED a sitting President. None of us are safe! via @YouTube #CandaceOwens #Facebook #HackCheckers #FactCheckers #FreedomOfSpeech #Twitter

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Since Candace Owens is trending, here is your periodic reminder of her deep appreciation for Adolf Hitler


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It’s sad how Candace Owens can’t even have a baby without facing intense ridicule. What happened to respecting others’ opinions? Politics have nothing to do with her motherhood. Keep them out of it and find some respect. Huge congrats to @RealCandaceO! #CandaceOwens

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Date 24th Jan
Topic: #CandaceOwens
Note: Technically not with rules as minor political figure, but Twitter was distracted with power transfer and hasn’t clearly 5 minute hated for a while and the Vitriol poured on a new mum for being a black republican is astounding.

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So apparently the black Eva Braun had a baby. Now she has to worry about one day if the cops will gun down her little monster, or put a knee on it's neck. She better stay in her circle, because if they catch her slipping she may be a victim or an offering to Trump. #CandaceOwens

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Got kicked off of Twitter AGAIN 😩 I guess what I said to #CandaceOwens was inappropriate 🤪🤪😜

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@TalbertSwan #CandaceOwens is going to get so many 👱🏻‍♂️👩🏻‍🦰🧑🏻

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@NoMoreBS14 @CassieBiery @dariorose8 @RealCandaceO Candace is a wonderful role model for children of color.
Intelligent, educated, well spoken

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The only thing I'll give Candace Owens credit for is running that finesse game on those racists. Lol #CandaceOwens #Finnesin

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@TheMayaka Oh #CandaceOwens please change your ways and protect your beautiful baby from the whirlwind you have wrought.

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Congratulations to Candace Owens ! #CandaceOwens

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Candace Owens needs to watch "12 Years a Slave", or read any other published academic research, so she can understand denying white people permission to use the N word is NOT SLAVERY. It's disrespectful and degrading to MY ancestors and our people. #CandaceOwens

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#BlackTwitter #BlackLivesMatter #CandaceOwens #whitepeople Psst, #Biden & Congress is the opportunity, NOT the win. Do NOT get complacent. Organize and head back to the streets. Let's be proactive about justice #Foresight2021

Call your senators for Mon!

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No. One. Cares. That. Candace. Owens. Had. A. Baby.

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@RealCandaceO Girl, I feel bad for your Black son already. I see it now:

Him: I was pulled over by the police for nothing.
You: Lemme check your criminal record. You had to do something.

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Candace Owens is the queen of denouncing liberal identity politics and then playing victim when people call out her white supremacist talking points and claiming it’s because they’re racists. What a fucking hypocritical clown

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It’s true what they say— the whole world stops when your child is born.

My first born son💙

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him”
-Psalm 127:3

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