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picture from Mars #Bernie

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If voters ever got organized, we'd have gotten much further along on solving our problems. Too much power over people instead of power with people, per #Bernie, Not Me US!
#PrimaryCentrists2022 <

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@angeleyez407 @jaketapper “Loss?” Murder. You reveal the total lack of character of a corporate democrat. #Bernie #MedicareForAll #GND #BLM #EthicsFirst #StopAppeasing #BidenStopSucking

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The House just passed President Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package. Two Democrats voted against the bill. No Republicans voted for the bill.

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@cher #Bernie Don’t Kill the Bill

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@jennycohn1 And during the 2016 campaign, #Bernie's campaign advisor, TAD DEVINE, received Hillary's donors' list illegally, and forwarded it to his old pal MANAFORT.

... Who passed it to the GRU, via Cambridge Analytica.

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Just Saying #Bernie never wouldve bombed Syria he'd be too busy signing into law what the American people need.

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As always filthy parasites that work for the multinational Twitter want you to think that Ted Cruz & republicans at a conference are the most important outrage in the world.

These curb stains control your mind #America #Biden #Bernie #Tulsi #Clinton #NewWorldOrder #Obey #RonPaul

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VETERANS recovery documentary free on this link or Amazon Prime #bernie #joebiden #corybooker #cnn #kuwtk #kim #comedycellar #secondcity #chi #io #iowa

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Amazon Workers in Alabama Are Fighting for a Union #Bernie #Alabama #UnionStrong

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@NoahShachtman @maddow #Bernie - you need to update your information. It was announced that Costco has increased wages to $16/hr and Walmart wages to $15/hr.

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@farrukh_shamsi @unspokenbond At some point, we have to have the discussion that #Bernie LET @TheDemocrats steamroll #NotMeUs not once, but twice.

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Many people voted for Biden to get rid of Trump. He was not the chosen nominee until the #Establishment chose him for us over #Bernie.

Again, the prevalent philosophy for people hurting financially is

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#JoeBiden backed out on his word on alot of the things, like #CancelStudentDebt, #AbolishICE, #stimulus, or bump up the wages to $15. #BombingBiden just wanna bomb countries like every other presidents, like Trump. Not surprised here. Is it a thing to recall president? #Bernie

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The American people want an end to starvation wages. #Bernie

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Dat muthafucker #bernie ain't gonna do shiiiiit ... he's sleepin wit a horse head 2nite lol

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@mkraju @marcody8 #Bernie has got the right idea. Definitely a budget reconciliation provision.

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@SenSanders I love it #Bernie You shame Americans for working hard starting a business and providing #Jobs So tell me again why you are allowed to have millions of dollars and how many houses? You have @JohnKerry preaching the #GreenNewDeal and burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel weekly

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.For my #American Brothers & Sisters please @SenSanders keep fighting. @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden you should be ashamed of yourselves #Progressives put you over the edge to WIN & you both claimed $15 min wage was a priority. #Bernie their gonna blame YOU!

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@nagpaltweets Can't say about #Bernie .

But gun toting cowboy @POTUS is bombing countries !

Irony just committed suicide .
#Librandus rejoice !

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@AOC And why are we talking about fillabusters so much now?? It has always existed, the Dems never bothered using it except #Bernie why are we sooo afraid of the fillabuster?? So over the "scared" Dems

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@trudygonzales @ComradeBogan @jonnyboyca @KHiveDestroyer @ReadYouForFree @SeriousSam26 @piratefoxy @LACEdaFlyFellow @BarryBeeBitchin @solomon9143 @giantcu92 @biksynix @MadamMildlyHigh @SobelPromotions @CockyMF @SilentAmuse @MarkDistance @kozad86 @praxispowers @FakeMartyr @master_deli @Mandalorian2025 @agenttwelvetoes @huffypuffy21 @legndofphoenix @anypigslft2 @ShadeyShroomy @EMPJohnCNewman @kingzut @mythousandfaces @RealKHiveQueenB @roscone5 @CassFaber @Bowiegrrl1 @FabiusMayland @honeyspidey @kallliie_rose @kayakdude911 @DakotaGamerUwU @gol_mia @blackwomenviews @SenSanders @AOC I rly hope you aren’t talking about #NeeraTanden cuz she’s a horrible person and it has nothing to do w/ her “tone” or mean tweets.. I hope she gets rejected cuz that type of woman doesn’t represent me. I’m pretty sure they came hard af at #Bernie w/ bogus sexism claims

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Paid mercenary says what? Like #Bernie is gonna sabotage his own Bill GTFOOH you malevolent lying weirdo #Kamala has TOTAL POWER TO OVERRULE THE #parliamentarian AND YOU KNOW IT YOU LYING FECES FACED MORON

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Yes I voted for #Biden Yes I know he’s shit too. Next time give me a better option.... one that has a shot at winning. #Bernie would have won just like Joe but you cowards didn’t wanna go for it.

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@andre_walton56 I wrote in #Bernie the last 2 elections

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@SenSanders is considering taking out the $15 minimum wage out of the Covid Stimulus Bill sign the petition below to stop him from taking it out
#progressive #tyt #tytlive #MinimumWage #relief #bernie #FightFor15

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Keep fighting, Bernie. #NotMeUs #Bernie

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.@cenkuygur #fightfor15 message to @BernieSanders #DontKillitBernie "The budget chair decides if it goes in the bill. That is Bernie Sanders. That was the whole point of him being budget chair."

Sign the petition:

#covidrelief #minimumwage

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@BernieSanders Let's do it, #Bernie. Keep $15 #MinimumWage in the COVID-19 relief bill. As Chair of the Budget Committee, you have the power to decide if $15 remains.

Make Harris rule on it. Make Manchin vote against the entire bill.

Draw a line in the sand. The American people are with you.

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#Bernie woulda paid off your #StudentLoans instead of dropping bombs on #Syria. #StillSanders

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@RealKHiveQueenB Yes, she can as @VP is constitutionally President of the Senate. If she didn’t want the responsibility then don’t take the job. She can easily overrule an unelected advisor w/ no official power. She’s choosing to not #FightFor15 & #Bernie should be calling em out by name but isnt

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In order to preserve the #FightFor15, @BernieSanders must keep $15 min wage in Covid relief bill. Otherwise, it's likely dead for four years! His current plan is to take it out. We have to tell Bernie to keep it in the bill! #DontKillItBernie

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Biden is fulfilling his promises: Welcome to the nothing will fundamentally change zone!

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I am very concerned by last night’s strike by U.S. forces in Syria. The president has the responsibility to keep Americans safe, but for too long administrations of both parties have interpreted their authorities in an extremely expansive way to continue war. This must end.

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