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Why so much overacting in #Tribhanga? And all that swearing as if she were a kid who just discovered the ability to swear?

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@itsKajolD Just finished watching #Tribhanga Outstanding. Sincerely hope it gets all the love and recognition it deserves. 3 generations of women with such different experiences and lessons to teach. Resentment, regret, acceptance, forgiveness and reflection...

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Watched movie #Tribhanga ..amazing script 👌@renukash @itsKajolD

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Are bell bottoms back? Now watching #Tribhanga

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@quizzicalguy @PritishNandy Frankly the Indian movies on OTT are so mundane and badly made.
No content /storyline and shoddy editing and direction. Making movies in gray or blue doesn't add to the glory. We are going from bad to poor

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#tribhanga @renukash @NetflixIndia beautiful narration and powerful performances by @itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi Women standing for women, being resilient in the face of any adversary, being outspoken, uncanny and living lives on one's terms. Can't take my eyes off @itsKajolD

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@renukash #Tribhanga is a master piece. The dysfunctional relationship of a mother daughter so well shown and narrated. The writing and direction with supreme acting as always by @itsKajolD and other leading actors is worth the appreciation. Good job Renukaji 👍😊🤟 #sundayvibes

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Watch #Tribhanga on Netflix 👀

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@itsKajolD has given a brilliant performance in #tribhanga. Loved the story & stellar performance by the entire cast. @mipalkar superb to see you. #MovieReview #Netflix @NetflixIndia

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' #Tribhanga' Shows The Hopeless Situation of Women in Society Generation By Generation #tribhanganetflix #kajol #AjayDevgn #Netflix

Link to watch the video:

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Guys this is your call to go and watch #Tribhanga to make it #1 everywhere

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Finally got a chance to watch #Tribhanga

What an amazing film, i am truly moved by this inspiring storyline!

The movie celebrates women and how strong they can be!

@mipalkar @tanviazmi have done such a fabulous job😍😍

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Showtime: #Tribhanga

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Our memories are always very selective #tribhanga #Quotes

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#Tribhanga mixed feelings. Loved the idea but something didn’t allow me to connect completely with either of them. I love films with flawed characters but I can’t put a finger on what I missed on this one.

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@renukash mam..kudos to you & whole team of #TRIBHANGA..
What a fabulous film & so well written..brilliantly performed..!!!

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@itsKajolD Just finished watching #TRIBHANGA..
What a fabulous film and your performance waa exemplary..
Wish to see you more often on screen..
You light up every frame with your energy

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@dadheech2 @HarjKainth @RubiaB96 @DeepthyMadhavan Also #tribhanga @netflix 👍

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Done watching Tribhanga ✅

This film is so touching, precious and makes you think about the consequences of our acts & the beauty of forgiveness. 🤍

Beautiful & emotional movie. Missing Kajol 🥰 #Tribhanga

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Just finished watching #Tribhanga
I loved the movie, So full of emotions!! My most favourite #Kajol was awesome as always 😌❤️❤️


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@NetflixIndia loved #Tribhanga starring @itsKajolD @mipalkar @vaibbhavt @tanviazmi ♥️♥️♥️♥️ It’s Unconditional Love; that “Soothes”.!♥️♥️♥️

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@renukash superb film #tribhanga nice acting by all women @tanviazmi @itsKajolD @mipalkar also @KunaalRoyKapur, my wife said its women centric u may not like but i enjoyed it,crisp,good dialogs,no unnecessary melodrama, at d end graphic animation ppl will copy that, trend hago

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I don't think I have ever seen an Indian film with as many expletives as in #Tribhanga.
And nearly all of them came from the potty-mouth of #Kajol - a far cry from the prim young lass in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. 30. Tribhanga; movie review

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#Tribhanga unabashedly goes to places #contemporary #films rarely risk going to. And while doing so, almost sets a gold standard particularly for #women #filmmakers.

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#Tribhanga is heart touching tale of women of three generations making their own choices in life. Bhanga’s mentioned are depiction of how versatile women are.. Must say @renukash is an excellent story teller & directed it well .. From one Strong lady To Everyone

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Once again @itsKajolD has proved she is all time greatest actress of Bollywood .

It is very well written and directed as well as having kajol in the movie makes it special. @renukash

@ikunaalroykapur @Meena_Iyer @NegiR @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @KumarMangat


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Watched #Tribhanga on @NetflixIndia

What a masterpiece . Such nice way to present family emotions specially a mother's emotion .

Acting - what can I say all three ladies has done superb job, also @ikunaalroykapur great job.

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @renukash

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आईबापाच्या चांगल्या आणि वाईट अश्या दोन्ही प्रकारच्या गोष्टींचा वारसा मुलांना मिळतो.तो सृष्टीचा नियमच आहे. - वि. स. खांडेकर. #त्रिभंग #tribhanga #Netflix @renukash @itsKajolD #MustWatch #GirlChildDay #म #मराठी #शब्दखेळ

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This is what @itsKajolD & @renukash have to say about losing films!

Catch this fun conversation exclusively on my @youtubeindia channel:

#SidK #Tribhanga @ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @NetflixIndia

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Feminists on Raksha Bandhan: Give me a promise brother. You'll not use swears like MC BC BSDK which are disrespectful to women

Feminist in women centric Netflix Series: J #antu, MC, BC, BSDK


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@renukash @tanviazmi @itsKajolD @mipalkar and @ikunaalroykapur

What a master piece #Tribhanga is..

Really heart touching and it really answers some questions which are unanswered since from my childhood.

Thanks for this master piece.

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@renukash जी #Tribhanga हमेशा याद रहने वाली फ़िल्म है❤️❤️ 🙏

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How many times does @itsKajolD utter the word 'F***' in the @NetflixIndia original #Tribhanga? If the makers thought that was cool, it sadly wasn't, in fact it gets on to one's nerves after a point.

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#Tribhanga failed to impress me.There are moments here & there, but it's flawed in totality. Had a lot of expectations looking at the names associated with this one. Hope @renukash makes a better one soon.

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Thank you to everyone around the world who has watched #TheWhiteTigerNetflix and made it #1 in India, #7 in the top 10 UK films, and #6 in the top 10 US films! Also I see you #WeCanBeHeroes! 🙏🏽


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