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Someone get @BillBailey and @OtiMabuse a cameo role on @TheCrownNetflix

Those accents 🤣😆🙄

@bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #BillBailey #billandoti #GOAT #thecrown #BBCStrictly

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ENTER TO #WIN: The Crown: Season Three Blu-ray to help you give the gift of entertainment this Christmas via Boo Roo and Tigger Too @littleboo_21 #TheCrown

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Le gouvernement britannique demande à @NetflixFR de rajouter un carton « ceci est une fiction » au début des épisodes de #TheCrown 😅

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Really....? @OliverDowden Should we have that at the start of Corrie & EastEnders? Maybe on front page of The Sun & The Daily Mail, too? 🤔
#TheCrown #FactOrFiction

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#siobhanmckennaauthor #maninarmour I've just finished S4E4 of The Crown, 'Favourites'. Prince Charles is like the Charles in my book - Man in Armour "He was no one's favourite." #thecrown #Joshoconnor #oliviacoleman #favouritechild #siobhanmckenna #novels #books #bookstagram…

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O que mais me choca na história da Diana e do Charles — casamento arranjado com uma adolescente virgem, boa moça e “muda” — é que foi ontem!!! Eu já estava viva e era grandinha quando tudo isso aconteceu 😳 #TheCrown

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The Tories are shaking. #TheCrown ha impact.

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#OliverDowden, somehow, inexplicably, the Culture Secretary, believes drama ought to come with a 'Not A Documentary' warning.


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Non io che essendo un po' obsessed dalla Monarchia Inglese conoscevo già tutto per filo e per segno. #TheCrown

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Philip beni bir kez daha aydinlattin... #thecrown

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Le ministre de la Culture britannique redoute que les jeunes spectateurs de #TheCrown confondent la fiction avec les faits.

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La nueva Lady Di en #TheCrown apuesta por la moda española para su día a día.

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@TVConchi Y #TheCrown en Netflix para cerrar el círculo de plataformas...

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Based on the artistic licence they’ve used so far, Season 5 of #TheCrown will have a scene with Princess Margaret standing around the table yelling “I’m saying we whack this bitch” about Diana and I’m honestly here for it.

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Ya me pasó con Vanessa Kirby, pero es que de esta serie me fascinan todas las mujeres que salen. #TheCrown
Y Tobias. Que es un actor que me flipa haga lo que haga.

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There's a huge amount of gravity surrounding #TheCrown. While its obvious there's going to be controversy and polarised opinion, let's remember the spirit of dramatisation & prodigiously talented character acting. It's a performance. Don't pick it apart like an academic treatise!

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Le estoy dando coba a #TheCrown porque no quiero que termine nunca y puede que me haya enamorado un poquito de Emma Corrin.

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The #DailyMail wanting fiction disclaimers about #Netflix's #TheCrown is like #McDonalds arguing that all visitors to #KFC should sign an "I accept that persistent eating of fast-food can be dangerous" warning. #hypocrisyorwhat

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Amo a la princesa Margaret , era todo lo que estaba bien en esa realeza #thecrown

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Adoro il personaggio di Diana nella quarta stagione, Emma Corrin semplicemente superlativa, ma per me Claire Foy nelle prime due stagioni è IMMENSA! Per chi non le ha ancora viste, correte perché meritano tantissimo 🤍👑

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Quoi qu’en disent les grincheux, les jaloux, le travail de #PeterMorgan, et de ses équipes, est remarquable, et #TheCrown est une grande série (de fiction, faut-il le rappeler ?). L’épisode consacré à #MichaelFagan, « l’intrus » de #BuckinghamPalace, en est le parfait exemple.

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#thecrown only demonstrates what many people in the UK say: the royal family has no power and the ones who are ‘sponsoring’ them are the tax payers which are every day people.

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الحكومة البريطانية تدعو نتفليكس أن توضح لمشاهديها أن عمل [ #TheCrown ] أحداثه خيالية مبنية على شخصيات حقيقية قبل بث أي حلقة ، لما يحويه من ثغرات .

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@henrymance Wow, someone in government really knows their priorities, in these #COVIDー19 times.. #thecrown #Netflix

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@ThePoke @simonblackwell @henrymance @DMReporter @JaneyGodley @TobyonTV @TheIDSmiths Anyone old enough to remember the real #MargaretThatcher knows for sure that #TheCrown is fiction.

The writers should be ashamed of themselves for knowingly misleadingly humanising that contemptible evil witch.

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Loved working with an actor i had admired for decades #alexjennings who smashes everything he does & is a chilled, friendly family man #thecrownnetflix #thecrown #actorslife @ Elstree Studios

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Feel way behind the curve having only watched one of episode of #TheCrown. If a ‘late adopter’ is a thing, I’m definitely one of them.

Didn’t get into Breaking Bad until 2016 ✅
Haven’t got around to watching The Sopranos ✅
Didn’t even get COVID in the first wave ✅

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Surely the problem Tories have with #TheCrown is not that it’s a fiction but that it’s the *wrong* fiction.

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siapa yg di sini nnton #TheCrown ? ada gaaaa?

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Vidéo : comment Emma Corrin est devenue Lady Di dans la saison 4 de #TheCrown

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But again, oddly telling that so much push back is being placed upon this season of #TheCrown to this degree. I wonder why...🤨 #EmmaCorrinForAllTheAwards

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Quanti di voi hanno visto #TheCrown?👑👸🏼

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#lanesfieldposada #posada #thecrown #TheCrownNetflix #TheCrownSeason4 Mary and Joseph realised there were different types of Majesty #wolverhampton

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@InfoGirl875 @JimMFelton Well a lot of that Netflix series is based on verifiable fact as Netflix says when answering questions about #TheCrown Obviously artistic licence is given re dialogue but the basics are true. The vile queen just doesn’t want the loathsomeness if the royal family exposed.

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UK Government Calls On Netflix To Add Disclaimer To ‘The Crown’ Making Clear It’s Fictionalized

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Netflix should make it clearer that ⁦@TheCrownNetflix⁩ is a “work of fiction” says Culture Secretary ⁦@OliverDowden⁩ otherwise viewers could mistake fiction for fact 👇

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"Season 4 of The Crown has been watched by more viewers than Charles and Diana's wedding"

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4) Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) - 147 voti (12,8%)

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Netflix Cancellations: Effective Immediately

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