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The #TexasNationalistMovement has 871 more members than it had 22 hours ago.
#Texans #Texians
We're looking for a few good men and women to join us and #MakeTexasACountryAgain.

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always great Stuffs from #TheVoice @BobSocci , point click enjoy #NFL #Patriots #Texans

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#Giants fans wanting to trade half of the team for Deshaun Watson, let me help you out here...he ain’t coming, just ain’t. Why would he, if a team trades a ton of assets for him, so he can be on a team worse than the #Texans?

The #Jets are in the best position to trade for him.

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This is about as real as it is. Ask what does it take and do whatever it is or if it is broke for good then find a trade partner #damn #texans

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Eric Bieniemy must be the worst interviewee of all-time, otherwise just so confused how he hasn't been given a shot, he has the resume. #Chiefs #Texans

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Time for mock draft 1.0 - Thoughts #Texans fans?

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Inside the Houston Texans mess with SI Writer @GregBishopSI @BobSocci

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.@GovAbbott @GregAbbott_TX

What would Jesus do Greg?

You are an elected state official
Stay out of Austin's business

#FailedLeadership murdered over 30,000+ #Texans

Work on the statewide COVID issues which you have failed at miserably!

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Mike Greenberg: Deshaun Watson trade would be biggest in NFL history

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Will the #Texans trade Deshaun Watson? If they do, where will he play next year? Where there is smoke, there is fire. πŸ”₯ Right now all the fire is pointing towards the Big Apple and the New York Jets. Will he go to the @nyjets?

Here's the latest:

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What say you, #Texans? Are you stupid? Of course you're not. I've been to #Texas twice. There are some very bright people there. It's a shame your senator thinks otherwise...

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Thanks for liking #Tweet on new #RecipeOfTheDay , #aaburger ,
In honor of new @VP. Praying that she #maga ; and that no my #Texans - grandkids + #world hurting with #coronavirus , #inequality etc sees better ahead

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@ReadRevengers @AdamSchefter @sdutKevinAcee No way #Texans are gonna work deal with #Colts for Watson. He would haunt Texans twice/year for the next 10 years! #Wentz or #Stafford would be a nice fit though!

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if you're not sweating are you actually working out? go challenge kjWatt and get to the top of that leaderboard. you've got 30 minutes to take @JJWatt on!

#texans #nfl #peloton #pelotonwith

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A couple of hours later,

Discussed #aaburger #RecipeOfTheDay with the #Cooking section of hotel

An extremely talented lad in the #kitchen caught on,

We are making changes to #improve , the hole in middle of #vada shall be filled with something nice.

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Ok, hear me out.

#Texans send Watson to the #Cowboys, #Colts receive Dak on the franchise tag, #Colts send two 1st round picks and a 4th to the #Cowboys, and #Cowboys send three 1st round picks and a 4th to #Texans.

Thoughts? @ConcussedKenny @Tray47ABC @CHoward0195

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#Houston has just struggling the past few years and it's gonna take a good minute to fix. #HoustonRockets #Rockets
#HoustonAstros #Astros #HoustonTexans #Texans

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New #Texans from Houston Chronicle β€” McClain: Trading Deshaun Watson is stupid, but Houston teams have been dumb before

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Pretty excited for tomorrow! I get to sit down with a current member of the #Texans. Going to chop it up about some college football, his offseason preparations, and his outlook on next season!

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Odds to be #Texans head coach

Eric Bieniemy (+200)
Jim Caldwell (+250)
David Culley (+400)
Leslie Frazier (+500)
Joe Brady (+750)
Matt Eberflus (+750)

via (@betonline_ag)

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You guys sent some questions. Will make a couple of comments. All situations are fluid as you all know.

1.) Regarding the #Texans HC search: I didn't detect a frantic rush on a decision in my convos earlier* today, as candidates are being reviewed.

2.) 1 of you hit it spot on.

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Will #Texans Trade Deshaun Watson?

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@KenPaxtonTX GREAT!!! When will you resign and turn yourself in to federal authorities so you can save #Texans the money that will be spent

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I am LIVE talking about some #Texans players' comments on the D4 trade rumors, Frazier vs EB as HC candidates and will do some interactive MOCK DRAFTS as well!

Come through for a good time:

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Denver looks like a potential landing spot for disgruntled Deshaun Watson. #FantasyFootball #Texans #Broncos

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Does this tell you that the #Texans had bad coaching?

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99 days until the 2021 #NFL Draft in Cleveland, OH. And # of #Texans DE @JJWatt, 3-time @NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 101 sacks in 128 reg. season games, 5-time Pro Bowler, 5-time All-Pro #99 #NFL
@JulieNotedPFG @pfgVIBE

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Oowweee who’s ready for this new color?! She will be dropping next month πŸ’‹πŸ₯°
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#Texans have blocked all attempts at interviews for OC Tim Kelly #Houston #NFL

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#NFL of the other two openings remaining we like #Eagles Duece Staley and also for #Texans Leslie Frazier #NFL

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The Houston #Texans are still searching for their next head coach.

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Look out for the name Darrell Bevell to be part of this coaching staff #Texans

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What's going on with the #Texans? @MattVerderame weighed in on my podcast. Check out his take below and listen to the full conversation here:

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New #Texans from Texas Sports Nation β€” McClain: Trading Deshaun Watson is stupid, but Houston teams have been dumb before

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If the #Jets want Watson, I need that second overall pick, two more 1st + at least 2-3 more picks in rounds 3-5 (not all this year) five or six picks TOTAL. Minimum. #Texans

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By committing #Treason and #Sedition #Raphael Ted Cruz @sentedcruz is more interested in Destroying our 244yr old Democratic Republic than addressing the #Coronavirus #pandemic that has Killed 400,000 Americans including 34k #Texans #ResignNow

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New #Texans from Houston Chronicle β€” McClain: Trading Deshaun Watson is stupid, but Houston teams have been dumb before

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@SenTedCruz A #TedCruzResign-ation would be a excellent way to improve the livelihoods of #Texans and all #Americans.

#BottomLine: The @GOP needs to give @SenTedCruz the boot, #ASAP.

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By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.

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President Biden has rolled back many of the Trump administration's #immigration policies.

TPPF gamed out what the first 9 months of a Biden Administration might see on the U.S.-Mexico border. The results are alarming. 🚨 Report πŸ‘‡

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If Austin doesn't reinstate the ban on homeless camping the state will do it for them.

Contrary to what Austin leaders think no one has a right to urinate & defecate wherever they want.

Homelessness promoted by Austin has also endangered public safety.

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Best NFL question right now?

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