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@DeeOhCee @NetoSanRoman @RealHughJackman In deed, not just words, Hugh has shown his support of the aboriginal community. Worked w/ an aboriginal community in his college yrs. Included a music group as part of his shows on Bway (BackOnBway) & in his 90-show world music tour #tmtmts). Supported their art in NYC artshow💐

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@RealHughJackman Happy Australia Day!
The work you do for fellow Australians since you first worked with the aboriginal community while in college continues to this day in terms of supporting the community. Their inclusion in both BackOnBway & #tmtmts was our introduction to their culture.

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It was the best show ever! It is! Thank you for the experience of #TMTMTS ❤️

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But the memories remain. 💖 How I wish I could see this show over and over again. #TMTMTS #TheManTheMusicTheShow #HughJackman

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The show in #Minneapolis was amazing! Won’t ever forget it!! #TMTMTS

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@RealHughJackman My daughter and I had the privilege of seeing #tmtmts in Tampa, FL last year. Such an amazing show!!!

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Agreed, Hugh, it really does feel like forever ago! We’re thankful to have so many memories from this amazing tour. ❤️ #hughjackman #tbt #repost

@RealHughJackman Feels like forever ago. #throwbackthursday #TMTMTS

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We know the feeling.
Madison square garden

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One of the best concerts I’ve been too! I miss live performances 🥺@attcenter @RealHughJackman #TMTMTS

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@RealHughJackman You are so important to me. I came to Zurich to see your show, it was the best day of my life. Thank you because you make me smile every day, seeing you even through a screen makes me happy. You light up my life! Thank you for being you!♥️ #TMTMTS

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@RealHughJackman hello Hugh Jackman🕺💖🎤🎥

Pour mieux repartir de l'Avant !

On dirait qu'il y a toujours. #ThrowbackThursday #TMTMTS https: //

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@RealHughJackman Come to Brazil with the #TMTMTS 🥺🇧🇷♥️

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Eu ainda tenho esperança da #TMTMTS vir pro Brasil é sonhar muito?

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Feels like forever ago. #ThrowbackThursday #TMTMTS

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From Now On 高画質化ver.その2
#ヒュージャックマン #グレイテストショーマン #HughJackman #TMTMTS

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From Now On 高画質化ver. 今でも妻と「夢のようだったね」とよく話す。まだ世界がこんな状況になってしまう前、ヒューのワールドツアーに行けて本当に良かった。
#ヒュージャックマン #グレイテストショーマン #HughJackman #TMTMTS

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Feel free to boast ... you made it through Tuesday! #hughjackman #gaston #tmtmts #paris 🤗
📷: rosamariaguerreiro (IG)

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@RealHughJackman ABC ran #TheGreatestShowman last night and I watched (again). Then had to scroll thru my Dallas pix of #tmtmts (again). Merry Christmas to you and your family, @RealHughJackman 🎩.

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@lizvr1629 @MusicManBway @RealHughJackman Hoping for new production numbers in @MusicManBway. WarrenCarlyle did recent Hello,Dolly choreography. He has worked w/ Hugh Jackman(Oklahoma!,BackOnBway, 2014 TONYs w/Hugh&Sutton in a short dance...& HJ's 2019 music tour #tmtmts ). Hugh&Sutton will be excellent dance partners!

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一昨日の夜、WOWOWで『オーストラリア』をやってたからまた観てしまった。ドローヴァーがウルヴァリンに見えてしまうのは私だけ? ヒューの映画を観るたび、すごい人に会って話せたんだなあと昨年の感動が蘇る。
#ヒュージャックマン #グレイテストショーマン #HughJackman #TMTMTS

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@kealasettle do you sell any autographed merch? My gal turns 9 on Dec 20...looking for a special gift for the little fan girl! She could be your understudy for Greatest Showman, saw #TMTMTS Columbus, Ohio. Writes songs like you 🤩 She started 1lb/7oz, a sweet, fighting spirit

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Today is also National Saxophone Day! 🎷During the TMTMTS tour we saw some amazingly sexy Saxophone Solos. #hughjackman #Saxophone #tmtmts #themanthemusictheshow #nationalsaxophoneday 🎥: JL Admin

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Here’s something to make your day brighter!! 😃 A compilation video of Hugh performing for the Philly Fights Cancer at the Philadelphia Navy Yard exactly one year ago today. Bonus: glorious beard!🧔🏻 #HughJackman #TMTMTS #PhillyFightsCancer #OnThisDay

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It’s been one whole year since the end of #TMTMTS and I’m still watching this on a loop. What. A. Man.👀💪🏻🥵

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Aww my ❤️. I miss this so much but I’m so glad I got to see it. 🥰 #HughJackman #tmtmts #memories #ofalifetime

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It’s hard to believe, but #TMTMTS ended one year ago today with the final show in #MexicoCity. Hugh was visibly moved by the outpouring of love & appreciation from fans that night. ❤️💕❤️ #hughjackman #themanthemusictheshow #allgoodthingsmustcometoanend

📷: @oscar_urbina18 (IG)

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When a student from last year stops by your room before school to say “hi”... but continues...”you still wearing your ⁦@RealHughJackman⁩ lanyard everyday?” Me...”obviously!” Bahahahaaa #tmtmts #HughJackman #favorite

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Author Paula Martin recently recounted that time she met Hugh in Manchester as the "strangest thing that has ever happened" to her. Oh, we remember, Paula, we remember! 😜 #hughjackman #tmtmts #peterallen @paularomances📷: Paula Martin and Helen Garnar.

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Part 2. #hughjackman #tmtmts (edited together by JL Admin)

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A year ago today, was San Antonio’s turn to get the full Hugh experience. We couldn’t be more grateful to ⁦Christieelyn⁩ for capturing these beautiful videos. So many gorgeous things to take away from these, but, that view! Wow! (Part 2 in comments) #hughjackman #tmtmts

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A year ago today, one of the most widely-shared moments of #TMTMTS happened when Hugh went “full Wolverine” with fan Taylor Van Engen during the Kansas City show. Watching this never gets old! 🖤 #hughjackman #wolverine #kansascity #sprintcenter

🎥: Sarah Van Engen

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Posted by Jenna Lee James yesterday. Jenna was a vocalist and dancer on Hughs tour last year. #HughJackman #HappyBirthdayHughJackman #tmtmts

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@Meataro0706 ひたすらダダ泣きでした😭😭😭
死にそうなくらいになるけど、また #tmtmts 観たい。

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