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Anyone else thinking, "What if Hunter isn't the same & Pierce opts out again?"

Just me?



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Good Night Everyone 😴💤 FlattsNation #SKOL            #RaisedByWolves          Let’s Go Lynx #MNTwins       #MNUFC              #mnwild           #SkiUMah

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Had to have one!! #Skol

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SAUCE signed prints getting packed up and shipped out first thing tomorrow. Still a handful remain if you want in! 👀

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#Saints organization is cursed because of what they did to us in 09. May it forever be remembered #NeverForget #Skol

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@OstoyicKyle Another Jealous Grape Moment
Purple Tears are always delicious

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@adawg_22 @SirYacht @gabbgoudy @Reflog_18 @CleDawgPound216 @DynastyCLE @FOXSportsCLE @Browns @CLEsportsTalk @EverythingCLE_ Vikings beat Browns🤷‍♂️ #Skol

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Hey @SeanPayton remember when you cheated your way to a title and then have been cursed since for being a POS? #SKOL

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Let’s fucking Go!!! Revenge for that 09 game! Fuck the Saints #sorrynotsorry #gobucs #govikings #skol #nfl

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@JJettas2 5th WR taken

Glad those other GMs are dummies


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I'm in a Minnesota Vikings fan based family on @YahtzeeBuddies. We currently have a few vacancies to fill for anyone looking to actively play in family events. Let me know. #Skol #Yahtzee #YahtzeeWithBuddies #MinnesotaVikings

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@LRiddickESPN He shouldn’t have to, but if he does tell that man to go to Minnesota w/ Cook, Thielen, Jefferson, Smith and all the weapons up there #Skol

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Former #Vikings DE Jared Allen is a finalist for the Hall of Fame this year. Voters meet on Tuesday to decide the 2021 class #Skol

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The 2021 offseason for the #NFL is going to get off to quite a different start this year, as teams were told on Monday that the annual Scouting Combine has, essentially, been called off. #Vikings #Skol #NFLDraft

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@CodySchick8 @therealJGH @nick10742814 Back to the cellar of the league y’all go😂 #Skol

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Sorry not sorry. Go #Buccaneers #skol

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Lots of purple on here 😈 #skol

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@NFL_Zack The home team. #skol

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@Vikings is there anyway we can bring back @Fran_Tarkenton on a one year deal?!? I miss this type of Vikings football!!! #Skol

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Am I doing Vikings Twitter right?! #SKOL

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@washingtonpost Brees is a cheater like all the saints. Terrible person, terrible team, terrible city, terrible stadium. #skol

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@MatthewColler of @Purple_Insider joined The Homer Horn Podcast to discuss the biggest issues within the #Vikings offense. We also talk Stefon Diggs, Mike Zimmer and what needs to be done this offseason. #NFL #SKOL

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Antoine Winfield Sr. 💛💜
Go Bucs!!!!
Winfield Jr is elite!!

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Must suck @SeanPayton 🤣🤣🤣🖕🏻 #SKOL

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NFL Combine 2021: Basically Won't be One #Skol #Vikings #NFL

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This warms my heart.

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This is a savage post by Winfield Jr. and I freaking love it.

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.@dalvincook has been named to the @PFWAwriters All-NFL and All-NFC teams.


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It's been a tough go in New Orleans throughout recent postseasons

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Antoine Winfield Jr. (via Instagram):

“Made some grown men cry last night and I don’t feel bad about it! That was for my pops back in ‘09”

#Skol #GoBucs

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Dear @Vikings please bring back these uniforms and helmets.

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