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I believe Kadarius Toney could be an amazing weapon for Lamar Jackson #RavensFlock

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He #BillsMafia, does #ChiefsKingdom seem to be extra assholes or is it because #RavensFlock had so much class? They’ll quiet down though when @BuffaloBills pound the shit out of @Chiefs on Sunday!

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Ravens get the dub on the road and finish the regular season 16-0. Work ain’t done yet though. We’ll be out there running Oklahoma drills first thing tomorrow morning to get ready for the divisional round #motorcitydancampbell #RavensFlock

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Final from Baltimore: Ravens 48, Texans 0.
Onto the Playoffs.

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Corey Davis to the Ravens #RavensFlock

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GAMEDAY! Baltimore looks to end their regular season at home with a W against the Texans❗️

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So many great memories. Legit know exactly where I was and how I reacted watching all of these plays. FLY #RavensFlock

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That's why I love the #RavensFlock and always will. Plus, @markingram21 will retire a member of the @Ravens... #RavensForLife

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Congratulations man! #RavensFlock is pulling for you and #billsmafia 🔔

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@sgellison @Ravens Let them know 💪🏾💪🏾 #RavensFlock #EDCWeTruzz

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This is so dope #RavensFlock is the best

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Ravens head to Cleveland tonight. Lamar and a few other starters will get the night off. Kickoff coming soon #RavensFlock

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This guy spoke all my thoughts in order #RavensFlock

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DeShon Elliott was so clutch this season after the whole Earl Thomas shit. That could've turned out real ugly. He made sure it didn't. Respect... #RavensFlock

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@ravensfansarah Oh absolutely...so in that case @DirtyBirdsPB bring it back!!! #RavensFlock 😈😈

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@Raythesurviver1 My favorite raven of all time is the 🐐 ray rice #ravensflock

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@JenHortiz @JimmysSeafood Way to go Hortiz family!! 💜💜 #RavensFlock

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@JimmysSeafood Done! 💜🏈🦀 #ravensflock

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Live look at #RavensFlock 😭😭

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Define retirement. Asking for a friend. #Ravens #RavensFlock

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@bk31th awesome!!! i owe you a few beers! let’s all make this happen! #ravensflock

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Ed Reed slander will not be tolerated. like, at all #RavensFlock

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@DeCostaLacie The queen of the #RavensFlock is a meme lord too... amazing!

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@ravensfansarah Sounds good let’s do it shoot me a follow #RavensFlock

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can all of us just get together and watch a ravens game next season at a bar and just have a good time. i’d love to see that happen!!! (depending on the status of the current pandemic, obviously) #ravensflock #family 😈

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BIG TRUZZ!!!! Wifey laced me nice for the bday!!! That’s my QB1 #RavensFlock #truzz #bigtruzz #newera8 #mv8

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Final in LA: Ravens 27, Rams 10.
OPOTG: Kyler Murray 9-9 166 yards 2TD
DPOTG: Dylan Moses 9TKL, 3TFL,1INT
Budda Baker: 5TKL,2INT
GG’s. @Madden_Rams
Onto Week 17 against the Texans.

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joining #nfltwitter was the best decision i made in 2020. i love y’all so much! surrounded by so many supportive and kind people, everyday. #baltimore #ravensflock forever. 💜

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y’all???? i’m crying

thank you SO much @bk31th #ravensflock

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Vikings Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach Gary Kubiak has officially announced his retirement.

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After 5 months of intense chemotherapy and battling cancer. I got to ring the bell this morning. Bills Mafia Style. GO BILLS. BEAT THEM CHIEFS. #cancersucks #coldfrontreport #BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #nfl

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3 in the Bible stands for restoration and eternal life. Let’s work 🙏

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Anquan Boldin was too elite during that Super Bowl run, yet the Ravens went on and traded him for a 6th round pick. The business side of professional sports is so trash!

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.@Ravens players gave Mark Ingram personalized jerseys all with messages to him after he was released by the Ravens.

(via @markingram21)

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