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We agree with Lila.

Mike is a Super Hero.

#tuesdaymotivations #EndALS #NoWhiteFlags #tuesdayvibe

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My daughter saw me struggling with my disease today. I try my best to be as "normal" as I can be, but ALS is relentless. Then I see that she left me this note...

I don't know what I did to deserve this kid, but I'm glad she's here.

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we can appreciate the opportunities that such conditions bring when people like Hank Aaron contrast it with extraordinary humility, goodness, and persaverence. I thank God every day for amazing people who contrast evil with goodness and decency.
#smileinside #nowhiteflags

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Well said. In my house we go by the mantra #NoWhiteFlags and #PMA or #positivementalattitude . Nice to see others with the same amazing attitude towards the battle with #ALS. Relentless indeed! ❤✌👃

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A countenance of compassion and the flash of a suit, he is a neurologist who makes the beer light shine ... with hope.

With Dr. Rick Bedlack, no shrugs are EVER allowed. ✌🏻

#Saturday #NoWhiteFlags #ALSReversals @JamieLW8 #NeverGiveUp ✌🏻

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ALS is relentless, no question. But so are the people fighting this beast. Relentless in our efforts to raise awareness. Relentless in our fight to secure more treatment options. Relentless in our fight to live. We will not back down. Ever.

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Always good to see you my brother @SteveGleason #nowhiteflags

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Nice new addition to the gym @TeamGleason #NoWhiteFlags

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Every day above the ground is a good day! #NoWhiteFlags #ALSawareness #ALS #MND #ALSsurvivor 💪😎🤙

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Assisted Ventilation Clinic Helps ALS Patient Maintain His Quality of Life via @UMichMedicine

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@egavactip @westcoastsnark Have been some bipartisan, near unanimous winners. Also the Congressional Gold Medal, which is often awarded with bipartisan support. One year ago, almost exactly, went to Steve Gleason.
@TeamGleason @SteveGleason #NoWhiteFlags #ALS #MND #ELA #SLA

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if it all ended today it was the best damn run I'll ever be a part of... #whodatsay #bringthewood #dotheseanpayton #choppastyle #getcrunk #boonkgang #nowhiteflags #617 #fuckgoodell #ambush #killthehead #38-3

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@SteveGleason We are stardust, we are golden,
and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden…. #nowhiteflags

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Forwarding an open letter written for you.

There is a hope called #Nurown.

Waiting to be approved. ✌🏻😷

#Hope #ALSBlows #NoWhiteFlags

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On #SaturdayMorning the color of brave is snowy white.

Not tomorrow #ALS.

Or the day after.

#ALSBlows #NoWhiteFlags #SaturdayVibes ✌🏻❄️☃️

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OPEN LETTER to those in power: I wake up every night struggling to breathe from ALS, I’m winded walking up stairs, my muscles cramp a lot. Others are in worse shape and dying every day. NOT looking for pity. I AM looking for action on getting ALS patients more treatment options.

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One year ago today, I was honored with the Congressional Gold Medal in the Statuary Hall in the US Capitol.
I'll have more after an interview with the @NFL Network.
The world has changed just a little bit in the past 12 months, eh?

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@Garrett_J_Smith You have come so far, you can do this day too. I admire your courage, just as I admire my own pALS' courage every day. 🙏 #nowhiteflags

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I honestly can say that my mental well being is crushed. Yes I asked for the trache and knew I would leave home but I'm sad.☹️ I'm missing my family my kiddos and being home. I'm being transferred in a week to another facility and I'm terrified of the what ifs.

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The comeback is officially underway. 💪🏻⚡️🧠...🦾 #NoWhiteFlags 🚫🏳️

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First Trache went well. Though I was on some pretty heavy meds so I barely felt a thing.
#nowhiteflags #cureALS #endALS

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It is because of pALS like James that so many of us are able to keep the faith. ✌🏻

#Faith #Hope #NoWhiteFlags

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Living with ALS for 3+ years. Thank you Lord for allowing me to face another day. Have to fight the beast everyday. Get up and fight for one day at a time.

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Yul Kwon is graciously matching donations up to $50k to @alsassociation The link is in the thread if you're able to share. Yul also touches on some effects Stacy went through as a PALS from an emotional segment from Survivor. Rest in power, Stacy. #nowhiteflags ❤

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Rest in Peace to Stacy Title, the wife of Jonathan Penner.

Stacy fought a long and hard battle with ALS. Her story inspired hundreds of thousands of viewers and her legacy will live on through her beautiful family and the #Survivor franchise. Our most heartfelt condolences.💛

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Very few have ever inspired me on the level of Steve and Michel Gleason. Happy to add this card to the collection. Love you so damn much, Steve. #NoWhiteFlags @SteveGleason

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Wearing my @SteveGleason #NoWhiteFlags tshirt today! We miss NOLA so much and can't wait to get back!!

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Please Share.
@TeamGleason Vision
A world where people living with ALS have the resources and the opportunities to not only continue living, but continue living productive, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

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Playoff football only means one thing. Favorite jersey time. #nowhiteflags #neverpunt #teamgleason #WhoDatNation #Saints

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Saints gameday...
“Failure is a lesson learned.”
“Success is a lesson applied.”
#NoWhiteFlags @SteveGleason

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Not sure if she was just being nice, but, it felt good to hear her optimism and encouragement. The wheelchair ride back home with a mild drizzle was liberating. #smileinside #nowhiteflags #alsphdwarrior

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From the Team Gleason Summit in 2014 to releasing the @AnswerALS Data Portal with trillions of data points to help science solve ALS is extraordinary. @SteveGleason & Stephen Hawking teach us to #DefyALS. #NoWhiteFlags #KeepExploring

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6 yrs ago we had a moonshot idea to solve ALS thru big data. Today, Stephen Hawking’s birthday, we aim to make a breakthrough in his honor by giving the world free access to the most comprehensive ALS research effort in history.

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In non-political news, my phone reminded me that 9 yrs ago today @SteveGleason @wprieur504 @vinnievarisco, a few others & I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. The Team Gleason Sky Squad. #NoWhiteFlags #GivenToFly

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We had the hats first and ours come in peace. ✌🏻

#thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #EndALS #NoWhiteFlags #TeamTSMIMITW 😷🇺🇸✌🏻

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Good words today from @demario__davis about #Terron & what he has been through this year & his #edblock courage award. Heck Demario &his family have been through a lot too. We ALL have this year but part of that job is to be there for our family. No giving up & #nowhiteflags

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Steve inspires me to be my best self every day, just like my mom. #NoWhiteFlags @TeamGleason

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@Garrett_J_Smith @SteveGleason @iamalsorg @als_now We are with you Garrett! With love and support, we are all here for you to help. #NoWhiteFlags

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Using my snowblower as a Walker. Not today ALS. Not even today.

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