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"I wish I was next to you" lapho ngise McDonald neNtombi yam yase varsity

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🔴 Restock: Target Exclusive — McDonalds - Scuba McNugget Funko Pop! 7.8k ~

#funko #funkopop #mcdonalds

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#McDonalds Post jobs for free on

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Happy 3rd month old today, Andreas! We love you!
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@JakeAlfaro80 @XSW33572142 McDonald's worker in India gets paid less than 1$ an hour - Leaves-insurance - pension plan
That's all! Just wqnted to make you feel good Americans!

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@McDonalds dying to eat but no outlet in my area in 200 km radius 😑😑😑 #McDonalds

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#McDonalds should be asking this QAnon supporter to keep their name out of her mouth.

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I ordered a #Mcdonalds in #Walkden yesterday using #UberEats and all of the food was near cold.

Very disappointing.

The delivery was quick, because the restaurant is only down the road. So I'm baffled as to why the food wasn't hot still.

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【FOOD】McDonald's KitKat McFlurry returns to Japan.


#MMN #McDonalds #McFlurry #KitKat #Japan

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Early morning breakfast shift at #McDonalds in the snow

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me: i want to #loseWeight
me: i want skinny legs
me: i want a #flatStomach
me: i want to be thin
me: *sees #mcdonalds*
me: #yolo

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Reading all the backlash. I guess #mcdonalds won't be contributing to @laurenboebert 's campaign. Oh wait! She may not survive (politically-no insurrection here) in congress

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It mentioned that #McDonalds have branches only in South & West India.
What about present branches in North & East India? Are they fake?

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@laurenboebert The Job will still exist at $15 an hour, we might need to pay slightly more for our burgers but happy to pay if it means a fairer pay - in fact I’d be more inclined to go to an establishment that pays well in excess of min wage #mcdonalds

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It has been verbally confirmed.

They aren’t out of milkshakes or frostys when you show up. It’s the mangers choice to shut the machine off 30 minutes prior to close. Ensuring a prompt on the hour clock out.
#Wendys #McDonalds #youknowwhoyouare

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#SpicyChilliOilIceCreamSundae Launched By #McDonalds #China & While Some Try Wrapping Their Heads Around the New Type of #SoftServe, Others Are Definitely NOT 'Lovin It'!

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#McDonalds put out a statement a few years back, they would Only have to raise the price of a Big Mac by 5 CENTS, in order to pay their starting employees $15 an hour. They make bank, so I really don't think that's asking too much. Have a great day!

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Bring back cinnamelts😞 @McDonalds #mcdonalds #thread #cinnamelts

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What should I mean? 🤔
Politics #McDonald
🍟🍔 #McDonalds ?

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For fun. Heres Darkseid serving #McDonalds

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It’s Sunday today why is #McDonalds trending @McDonalds ?🍟🍔🥤

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@McDonalds promised me a free trip & still hasn’t given it to me 😪😞 #mcdonalds

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#vanhalen #SammyHager #McDonalds #lunch

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No Idea why #McDonalds is trending. But now that I've seen it, BHOOK LAG GAYI😅.

And McDonald's does not open till 12 PM in PATNA. So its almost 3:30 HOURS WAIT😅.

Din ki shuruwat hi kharab ho gayi yaar😭.

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Dear @mcdonaldsindia please add Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Burger 🍔
in your menu for #India 🇮🇳

@McDonaldsSGP can help you with the recipe! ❤️

#McDonalds #pineapple

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he tapped out at probably the most amazing number to tap out at. I give him shit and won't acknowledge his efforts in public but y'all this is a LOT of chicky nuggies!!

#teamtoska #greasygamer #twitch #twitchstreamer #streamer #subathon #chickynuggies #chickennuggest #mcdonalds

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Can I get a “nice” in the comments for the 69/100 nuggets that I ate. Lmfao []

Video clip credit @CommfieSammie ❤️

Thank you @TeamToska for hanging!


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Las papas de #McDonalds parecen se reproducen en el plato de la casa.

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if #McDonalds got into a media scandal would they get McCanceled

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Get some skills dude. It’s not meant to be a full time job to support your family. I worked at #McDonalds in high school, moved up to Managment then went to College. Worked there through college to pay for my education. Got great job out of college. Retired at 50. Grow up!

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'' Failure is Success if we can learn from it ''

Help us grow #mastermaths

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Dear @mcdonaldsindia please add in your menu for India Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Burger 🍔

#McDonalds #pineapple

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@laurenboebert McDonald's won't have employees from now on? People will get their food from ghosts? Robots? Gibbons?

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I got my start working at McDonalds. That job doesn’t exist if the minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour.

Small business would be crushed by this arbitrary mandate & big business would simply automate away jobs.

Not everything that SOUNDS good is actually good in practice.

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A Colorado restaurant’s tainted pork sliders poisoned dozens of attendees at a local rodeo, who came down with symptoms ranging from nausea to bloody diarrhea. Now the restaurant’s proprietor is running for Congress on her small-business-owner credentials.

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