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I ain't gonna lie. I'm incredible proud of my Trump parody videos... One has 265,000 views. Another from a week ago has over 100,000 in one week! And the latest video has over 25,000 in just two days! Still waiting for @lornmichaels or @StephenAtHome to call. ;) #SNL #LSSC

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Watching @colbertlateshow with @jonfavs, @TVietor08 & @jonlovett (@PodSaveAmerica) & Peter Cottontale, @chancetherapper, Cynthia Erivo, @ChiYSO, Chicago Children's Choir & @imnotkofi
on @GlobalBC. #LSSCseasonSeven #LSSC #LateShowLIVE

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‘You did it, you survived the last four years!’ #LSSC

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I'll miss @StephenAtHome's Trump voice reading his tweets. The "dot, dot, dot" ellipses might return if DT does a talk show and takes calls. #Trump #LSSC #InaugurationDay

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12:40 President Biden's Joyful Inauguration Day Felt Like A Return To Normalcy #LSSC
via @YouTube

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Stephen Colbert is pretty happy about Joe Biden's inauguration: 'It's So Nice to Have a President With a Soul Again'

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We will fuse sports with education in Lagos schools — LSSC
@followLASG #sports #education #LSSC #schoolsports #LagosMetropolitan #LagMetro #metro

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Really enjoyed #lssc tonight. Musical act at the end was a great cap to a rough 4 years 😭

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Anyone see what their shirts said? #LSSC

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@StarMztyk Tells you everything you need to know about what their homes look like #lssc

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#LSSC sorryPtsd/Autism flare up @JonBatiste my best to everyone good to see everyone’s getting on about being ok, same here. Happy new administration everyone.

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They didn’t just pee in various places......they smeared shit on the walls! Yeah I am Live, very alive! #LSSC

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Jon Lovett going after Ted Cruz is everything! #lssc

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Colbert referenced the Cats movie so I know where to send my therapy bills. #LSSC

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@colbertlateshow You can stop using that name now. 4 years is enough. Will be tough writing your own jokes again but I believe you will manage. It's like riding a bike. @StephenAtHome #lateshowlive #LSSC

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Trying to enjoy #LSSC PEOPLE stop trying to sell me on GagRa I don’t like the girl she reminds me of some members of my family that I don’t at all trust with everything that’s gone down, BACKOFF.

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Just love Stephens singing + Evie giggling in the background #LSSC

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I think @jonfavs aged more than trump in the last four years! #LSSC

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@StarMztyk More like an artillery shell or two #LSSC

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America really dodged a bullet. Probably thousands. #LSSC

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I think I'm the only Canadian who is happy that the Keystone XL pipeline is off again #LSSC

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Yes! Please show a collaboration between @TheAmandaGorman and @JonBatiste! Sounds fantastic. @colbertlateshow #lssc

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I think that outro music was the fill from Stevie's "Don't you worry bout a thing" #LSSC That brassy,sassy isolation makes it sound spectacular

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This is just PERFECT !
God this was a beautiful day !
Even as a Canadian I have to say that I cried many times today, tears of joy! #LSSC #Colbert #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #canadiansarehappytoo #welltheworldis

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New #LSSC drinking game: Drink every time you hear “Jack.” #LSSC

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"it's nice to have a president with a soul again. our previous one sold his to the devil and didn't even get georgia out of it." #lssc

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I do love some jalapeño poppers Stephen. #LSSC

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@StephenAtHome Thank you, Stephen, for getting us through the trump years!! 😍❤️🎈💕🥂. #LSSC

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Not sure if excited for four years of “Jack” and aviators or concerned… #LSSC

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Oh, @StephenAtHome is on a roll and having a field day with the aviators #LSSC

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It’s a new day for the country. #LateShowLIVE

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Come on, Stephen. You're Catholic. You know what a Catholic Bible looks like #LSSC

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Stephen Colbert is right. I don’t feel any gloat, just relief.
Although if I ever see Trump I will be sure to point and call him History’s Losingest Loser and Biglyest Baby, then continue pointing while laughing.
But that’s personal. I’m truly relieved for my country.🇺🇸


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“All the extra Jesus.” 😂😂😂 #LSSC

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Lmao leave Gaga alone lmbo #LSSC

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