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@TeamJuJu ornament was hung on the tree with care, in hopes a 7th Lombardi soon will be there. #HereWeGo @SteelersUnite

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Mark is on a news roll tonight. #RavensFlock #HereWeGo

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The Ravens-Steelers game remains on for Tuesday night, source says. The Ravens had one new positive test result by a player returned this evening, according to a source. But some of those players on the Ravens' covid-19 reserve list could return to play Tuesday.

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My Steeler’s STILL undefeated.. Don’t let this covid shit fool you—Your team is trash this year... Thass all... East$ide.. #HereWego

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@Steelersdepot And nothing cooler than Black 🖤 and Gold.💛

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@Steelersdepot Without a doubt.


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bottom line: i am NOT pleased #HereWeGo

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Yes, he should!! #SteelersNation #herewego 🙌

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I’ve got my @_BigBen7 jersey on and someone told me I looked like him. I thanked them and said, “I wish I had his right arm.” 😂 #HereWeGo

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There’s no way @Ravens and @steelers are playing Tuesday night. #HereWeGo #Steelers

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@MySportsUpdate @JayGlazer so in other words, we’re gonna have to wait even LONGER to watch the steelers demolish the ravens. #herewego

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@CLEsportsTalk We get a W, and We get a W, wait...We get a W!!! They don't ask what they look like only HOW MANY! #HEREWEGO 10 & 0

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Here’s a list of all the Steelers quarterbacks I remember watching as a kid before Big Ben was drafted:

•Neil O’Donnell
•Mike Tomczak
•Jim Miller
•Kordell Stewart
•Kent Graham
•Tommy Maddox

In that time span: 1 Super Bowl & 4 AFC title appearances. Amazing #HereWeGo

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I’m told at least two more Ravens starters will be placed on COVID list by tomorrow, at least one of which has tested positive for COVID

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@neruaelle Mine too I was in Jamaica for my 1 year wedding anniversary enjoying ever second of it!! #HereWeGo

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Los #herewego han colocado al RB J. Conner en la lista COVID-19. Por su parte, #RavensFlock pusieron a Jaylon Ferguson, D.J. Fluker, Broderick Washington, Will Holden, Khalil Dorsey y Tavon Young. 😷

Via @AdamSchefter

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Favorite team from each division
NFC South: #Saints  
NFC West: #RamsHouse
NFC North: #DaBears
NFC East: #FlyEaglesFly  
AFC South: #Titans  
AFC West: #RaiderNation
AFC North: #HereWeGo  
AFC East: #FinsUp

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Thanks for having me as a guest on your show again! Check out the Yinzertainment podcast for all things Steelers. Disclaimer: my prediction about the game being played Thursday didn’t age well. #HereWeGo

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@BraydenByham @dubniners @LakerPrimeTime @317Gee @HornetsIn4 @BuffTundra @AllensTheGoat @patsfilms @NesmithFrom3 @Patriots7thRing @GianniisWRLD @MFFL1998 @JetsHateMe @HollywoodJetEra @Only_1_Jet #HereWeGo

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#PlanDeJuegoESPN con análisis de temas relevantes alrededor de la #NFL y picks de juegos mas destacados en Semana 12:

@PabloViruega señala que los #HereWeGo tienen razón en molestarse por cambio de día de su juego ante #RavensFlock.


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Semana 12 #NFL




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🇨🇦 @ChaseClaypool has put the #NFL on notice this season as he became the first rookie in the Super Bowl era to have 10 TDs in his first 10 games.👏

Do you think he should win Offensive Rookie of the Year? 🤔

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Chase Claypool’s 31.1% deep target rate (targets over 20+ yards) is one of the best in Steelers’ history dating back to 2010. Deep balls account for just over 26% of his receptions so far this season. @Steelersdepot @Alex_Kozora @Ross_McCorkle #steelers #HereWeGo

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@AdamSchefter So why do they keep pushing back the @steelers / @Ravens game??? Denver has no QBs and they aren’t rescheduling??? This just makes no sense.

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@Super70sSports The better to throw a cloak over Jack Tatum and the 🏈 deflection for the #ImmaculateReception !

#HereWeGo with #Steelers and #Raiders legendary battles.

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@JamesConner_ Get better James, so when you get back we can unleash the beast, oh and just for your information stay out of Erie COVID is running wild up here. @JamesConner_ #HereWeGo

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@joehaden23 @JamesConner_ Praying for him too! I’m just recovering from covid (no smell/taste only symptoms) and I ain’t the #Superman he is so I’m sure he’ll be good! ✊🏼🤙🏼🙏🏼❤️ much love! #HereWeGo

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Its bubble time! 🤯 #HereWeGo Steelers #NFL #Steelers

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As long as the game proceeds as scheduled @benny_snell will eat! #BBN #HereWeGo

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The #Steelers have been virtual since Wednesday, correct?

So Buggs, Hawkins, Tuitt, Conner (confirmed), Smith (confirmed), Canada (confirmed)

Should be the only ones exposed/have COVID, meaning those not confirmed could play Tuesday, barring no more + tests

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New episode is live! Will the Ravens make the playoffs? Can the Browns keep their playoff spot? And are the Chiefs the team to beat in the AFC? #browns #RavensFlock #ChiefsKingdom #HereWeGo #nfl #FantasyFootball #SteelersNation

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@jorgetinajeroe ¿Por qué no mueven el partido ? 🤬 como no es #Herewego o #RavensFlock o #Titans , equipos más mediáticos 😒.

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We talked about the latest rookie rankings and Chase Claypool with @lyndellwerling on the latest episode of the Yinzertainment podcast. Make sure to check out the full episode with the below link:

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