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@alexvnews @FontanaPD the only extremely tragic thing is that we still use the these fascist pigs to chase down people for any sort of drug possession, 50yrs of failed policy and these pigs are still able to get away w endangering the public and causing the death of a innocent life #DefundThePolice

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We all deserve #SocialSecurity #M4A, education, childcare, food, #transit, housing, suffrage, & communities safe from state brutality as #humanrights

#BLM #EducationForAll #HousingForAll #LivingWage #NewGreenDeal #DefundThePolice #VotingRightsAct #GeneralStrike

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@AVictimOfCrime @PeterStefanovi2 @JasonUnsworthAA Because @pritipatel is pandering to her paymasters who put her there. The white elitist Etonians whom she'd sell her mam for a a few pence for😒The police are their private army not to protect the poor or ethnic minorities or women. #DefundThePolice #BlackLivesMatter

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#DefundThePolice is back in action already

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Are we still in #DefundThePolice mode, or nah?

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#DefundThePolice is off to great start with @JoeBiden

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This is my new jam, when pops drops J.O.B 😂 😂😂 OMF classic!!! #DefundThePolice

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Denver: Troopers at the state Capitol appear to retreat or leave as #antifa threaten them away.

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Happening right now in Portland, Ore.

@tedwheeler needs to do his job and #defundthepolice 🫖

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Wondering why PPB has low response time and wastes millions? This is how many cop cars are here for arresting two people who were pulled over for not using a turn signal. Many officers are not wearing masks.

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Now, it's time for We The People to press @POTUS for real progress and change. Let's not enable establishment, status quo delusions. It's a new day.

#InaugurationDay #MedicareForAll
#GreenNewDeal #DefundThePolice #BDS #HumanRights #AccountabilityBeforeUnity #FreedomFromReligion

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@Jeuff_Doe @SylvainGauthier Toi, tu te sens persécuté par la Police parce qu'ils font respecter les mesures décrétées par le gouvernement depuis quelques mois et tu en arrives à la conclusion qu'il faut #DefundThePolice. Tu en penses quoi quand ce sont des "liberals" ou BLM qui disent ça? Sois honnête.

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@POTUS We need #MedicareForAll #GreenNewDeal #FreeCollege #FreePalestine #DefundThePolice #EndQualifiedImmunity #CampaignFinanceReform #FreeAssange #FreeSnowden #FreeRealityWinner #IndictTrump

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@Quicktake Biden could end all the fighting right now—

Implement #MedicareForAll
$2000/mo w/ back pay during pandemic.

It’s a rather simple approach honestly.

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I mean. They sold out. They sold us out. For money. For position. For status quo.

The racist misogynistic capitalist status quo that murders for profit & is opposed to #BLM & #DefundThePolice

I.e. gatekeeping for racist colonial slaveholder legacy institutions.

Yeah! ‘Murica!!

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(9) Chief Famino still talking about that they have the bare minimum of staff. Again—he doesn’t get it—that lends itself very nicely to #DefundThePolice. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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As the cops leave their failed arrest attempt, one of their members gets left behind. A protester gets in front of him and gets shoved to the ground

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The group split after a swoop attempt and the police moved in. A small group remains and a few arrests were made. two people who look very young were assaulted

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@tedwheeler civil unrest will not cease until you choose to stand with us.

All you can do is respond with empathy at this point—anything else will create more suffering.

Violence is not working.


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Can you believe that there are people who honestly believe Victoria needs to #DefundThePolice ?

Are they paying attention to the drastic rise in crime?

Thank you @vicpdcanada for your continued efforts to keep our city from turning into anarchy

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(4) @KristenEStrezo is pro-cop in this discussion. She is concerned about police staffing. If you support #DefundThePolice, she doesn’t appear to be your councilor.

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#MLK was a great man, but one person can only do so much #WeAreAllMLK. We see what he and others did, racism in our government, police, businesses and elsewhere, it still exists. #AbolishRacism #DefundThePolice #DefuneTheMilitary #ProvideForAllThePeople #FundPeopleNotWars #unite

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some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter #DefundThePolice

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progress & justice executed. We can’t stop the hard work now just because Dump is out. Continue to fight systemic racism & white supremacy. #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #ConvictTrump

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It has been 150 days since Jacob Blake was shot seven times by Kenosha PD. His assailant, officer Rusten Sheskey is still a free man. #JusticeForJacob #ArrestRustenSheskey #DefundThePolice @kenoshapolice @WisDoj @JoshKaulWI .

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Portland: Watch shocking footage of #antifa smashing up the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. They bring weapons while their comrades use umbrellas to block surveillance video. Video by @Julio_Rosas11. #PortlandRiots

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The police do not keep us safe. 😭 #DefundThePolice

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Breaking: Antifa in Portland are currently smashing out the windows of the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

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The Pentagon removed 12 National Guard members from #Inauguration duty for their ties to right-wing militias.

The FBI found at least six suspects with military links, officials say, among the over 100 people arrested for their roles in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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@BreeNewsome We might have some barriers ahead of us.

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We didn’t just live through four years of Black activists & organizers being proven correct for everyone to act brand new with the same recycled propaganda & empty reforms.

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People were gathering in the park for the J20 march and the bike cops got aggressive. You can see one officer pull out a knife

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All the happiness we shared today watching Joe Biden become the 46th President wouldn’t have happened if not for Rep. James Clyburn.
America owes him more than a thank you. He saved us. 🇺🇸

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I can't get over the fact that this police department was so corrupt it ended up under a federal oversight program, and then it tried to overthrow the federal government.

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Hi there, coming at you live from Revolution Hall in Portland, OR, where bike cops are writing tickets for a Black woman who was carrying a taser

Yes, really

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@_celia_bedelia_ On repeat for these tools today.

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People were saying ACAB last summer now cheering on Biden, Harris, capitol police, and the national guard.... this shit is comedy

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Lets be honest. Most people love the #IHaveADream, 21st century version of MLK, not the 1960s radical democratic socialist who compared poverty to practice of cannibalism, denounced white moderates and was deemed the most dangerous negro to the future of this nation. #MLKDay2021

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