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@WeAreBrisbane Catching up on watching the D&D game #CriticalRole backlog that I've built up!

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Zahra: you are Keyleth, is that right?

Keyleth: that’s right, yeah!

Zahra: you >are< beautiful, aren’t you?

Keyleth: oh


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My goal in life is to be part of a DnD campaign as wild as The Mighty Nein #CriticalRole

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HELLO BEES ! ❤🐝🐝🐝 I LOVE THIS SHIRT SO MUCH ! 😍😍😍 #CriticalRole

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#CriticalRole @CriticalRole and puppy cuddles. Maybe life isn't half bad.
Freya ran upstairs when cr theme song started playing ☺️

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i’m speed running critical role fanart send help #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt #criticalrolefanart #jesterlavorre

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Episode 128 of #CriticalRole should be titled "Everybody Panics for 3 1/2 Hours."

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Help out and get Onyx noticed by senpai. #CriticalRole

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#CriticalRole was so good this week— I just know @Amazon is drooling looking at season two (they really want to produce season two of Critical Role with titmouse (they really really do)).

Thank you. This tweet has no hidden motivations.

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So I was playing Loop Hero and built the graveyard in the base... Tell me this guy ain't Caleb Widogast and Frumpkin?? @VoiceOfOBrien #CriticalRole #LoopHero

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eu claramente não tenho auto controle e assisti S02 | E97 de Critical Role! #criticalrole #tvtime

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I am begging an #Essek cosplayer to make something using this fabric #criticalrole #cosplay

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"Oh madder crimson, I’m
begging, take anything
To save that small band of heroes
and life that they’re living..."

-Ayano's Theory Of Happiness by: Juby Phonics

CR2E129: I hopeful cry for the M9 and the friends they've made along the way...

#CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoiler

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It's been two months since I started #CriticalRole and I just made it to episode 50 of Vox Machina. At this rate I should be caught up by September

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At least I'm set on what to watch for a good while with one shots.
#CriticalRole #dnd

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#CriticalRole The Happy Funball is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

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-Бро, видишь

- неа
-Хорошо что
мы додумались
палатку спиздить

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- бро, видишь

-вижу, бро

-вставай у нас
палатку спиздили

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I made a poem to honor one of the best scenes of anything ever. #CriticalRole @CriticalRole @executivegoth #caduceusclay #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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Had a spare hour and ended up back on that #pubdraw.
Love how this Nott turned out, thanks Babs and Marisha (and sam I guess) even like two years later :P

#CriticalRole #criticalrolfanart #criticalroleart

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Early-days Jester. Just a girl, her weasel, and her Emotional Support Cult Deity <3 #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRole

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Rewatching last weeks episode today, all I could think of when Yasha tried to talk to the Stormlord was this. #CriticalRoleSpoilers #CriticalRole

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Oh dear. Hrm. #CriticalRole

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C2E125 hit me so hard. As someone who has never had an abuser brought to justice...listening to Beau be told she can sit at the trial, I felt like something in me wanted to heal.

#CriticalRole will always mean so much to me, but this scene...this scene...


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If Matthew Mercer could answer literally any, single question 100% truthfully, I would ask if Jester HAS ever sent sending to Essek when he was pooping #criticalrole

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The more you think about it, the more you realize your favorite creators in nerd/geekdom were women all along? @WeisMargaret @Gingerhazing @feliciaday @AtomicMari @Marisha_Ray @LauraBaileyVO Thanks to all these women! 🙌🏻🎉 #DnD #comics #InternationalWomensDay #CriticalRole #nerd

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“I think the world is shaping you into something important, and I want to make sure that you get to wherever you need to be”

📷 sasiharshav on ig
#CriticalRoleCosplay #CriticalRole @executivegoth

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Zemnian Childhood Memories - it might not be canon, but it feels somehow connected

Caleb Widowgast created by @VoiceOfOBrien for @CriticalRole
Audio curtesy of #dungeonmasterdiary
Cosplay Test by me

#criticalrole #CriticalRoleCosplay #CriticalRoleArt

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@LauraBaileyVO Dearest Jester, Mr Luc would probably really appreciate that ring of fire resistance 🥵❤️ #criticalrole
Also rip, Yussa 😬, gl this week!

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Rewatching #CriticalRole's first #HoneyHeist; I had forgotten what a riot it was. Getting to watch @matthewmercer actually play, hearing @Marisha_Ray's pitch-perfect impressions of everyone, wincing at @BrianWFoster's parade of jokes...I love this so much.

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eu claramente não tenho auto controle e assisti S02 | E96 de Critical Role! #criticalrole #tvtime

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