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@WHO making sure all pandemics are getting over before we enter next year hence #CoolieNo1OnPrime on 25th Dec

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I’m more excited for coolie no 1 than my birthday lol

#CoolieNo1OnPrime #coolieno1

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Guys i have one Doubt?

Why You Guys Forget to Add the Hastag #DavidDhawan When you Tweet everything about #CoolieNo1 & #CoolieNo1Trailer & #CoolieNo1OnPrime?
@imshiva17 you want to Tag #DavidDhawan when you next time tweet something about #CoolieNo1 Plz🙏
@Varun_dvn is is right?

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@Varun_dvn I support u..People r so much lost in nepotism shit nowadays that they r not able to see the real talent..How can someone ignore a person who acted so well in October, badlapur n many more movies.I m ur fan from soty n I'll always support u. Don't worry coolie is lit❤

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@Snehaa_Tweets But wo theater main nhi khi or launch hoga
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @RaJuBhAi329

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If Coolie no. 1 comes to theatres it will give me a reason not to go to the theatre ... Honestly a great way to keep social distancing! 😂 #CoolieNo1 #CoolieNo1OnPrime

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Just for kind information🕺🏻🌶 #CoolieNo1OnPrime

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Varun dhawan after seeing audience reaction on #CoolieNo1Trailer *
#CoolieNo1OnPrime #CoolieNo1

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Shadhi Kab Karoge ????
Asked To @Varun_dvn in Interview
#CoolieNo1OnPrime #CoolieNo1 #coolienumber1

@Varuniac_Sahil @broken__Angel78 @WonderlandVarun @nilimdvn @Anuxdvn @Channamereyaaaa @_shrextra24 @ItMegha

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Wow #CoolieNo1Trailer Reaches 50M Trailer Views+Countings 💖🥳💖
@Varun_dvn #SaraAliKhan #DavidDhawan @SirPareshRawal @rajpalofficial @Sahilwalavaid @iamjohnylever @poojafilms @PrimeVideoIN @jackkybhagnani #CoolieNo1
#CoolieNo1OnPrime Come on #varuniacs & #SaraFans its our time

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BREAKING: #CoolieNo1 Trailer crossed 50Million views 3 days! 🔥

Craze never ends..! The Flim Premieres on @PrimeVideo on 25th December... #MerryChristmas

#VarunDhawan #SaraAliKhan #CoolieNo1OnPrime #DividDhawan

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#CoolieNo1: @Varun_dvn & #SaraAliKhan starrer promises crackling massy entertainment, has potential to bring audiences back in theaters #DavidDhawan @vashubhagnani @jackkybhagnani @honeybhagnani @koimoi

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The most anticipated new Indian Movies & Shows

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.@SirPareshRawal ho, toh comedy on point hogi hi na! 😁
Check out all the funny bits starring him and the cast in the trailer! ✨

#CoolieNo1OnPrime, premieres 25th December on @PrimeVideoIN

@Varun_dvn #SaraAliKhan #DavidDhawan @vashubhagnani @jackkybhagnani @honeybhagnani

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When acting and movie content deserve memes more than appreciation..🤣🤣

@Varun_dvn @PrimeVideoIN
#CoolieNo1Trailer #CoolieNo1OnPrime

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It's definitely a super entertainer, they wanted to create hype for the movie, then they've exceeded the expectations!
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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@BhaavnaArora @govindaahuja21 rocks 👌

No remake, no amount of visual effects can come even half as good as GOVINDA Ji in original #CoolieNo1 movie

Remake is only going to be drab, not watching it for sure, more than money, my time is very precious

#CoolieNo1Trailer #CoolieNo1OnPrime

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#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

To Aapne ye film Ka trailer Dekha ..?

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Varun dhawan doing best work in this movie
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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Varun and sara is making a fresh pair they was looking cute.
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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#CoolieNo1OnPrime litreally the trailer is Awsome and now I can't wait for the movie. @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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Varun dhawan is doing some amazing work. Comedy movie excite me more. Lovely trailer
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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Excitement level has increased after the lovely trailer. Can't keep calm for the father son duo comeback after a long gap.
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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Amazing amazing amazingly funny trailer this is
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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Such a treamders trailer I am enjoying.
#CoolieNo1OnPrime @PrimeVideoIn @Varundvn @saraalikhan95

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#CoolieNo1 trailer is HITTT !

It is receiving good response on ground after its exhibition as masses are liking it unanimously. @Varun_dvn along with others have been appreciated for their portrayal. From social media to B and C centers , trailer has done good job hithero !

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Get ready to celebrate this Christmas with the biggest masala entertainer of the year.

#CoolieNo1OnPrime, December 25!

@Varun_dvn @vashubhagnani @jackkybhagnani @honeybhagnani @poojafilms

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Bring the cheer to those who may need a good deed.

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