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Analysis: Trump's 'pro-law enforcement' image crumbles in his final days. Him, Law and order? Right on, #ChaosWalking

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#MonstersOfMen (by #PatrickNess) is a satisfying conclusion to the #ChaosWalking trilogy that's thought-provoking, while exciting and action-packed at the same time. These books are so filled with life and meaning, a perfect mixture of pain and heartache, love and hopefulness.

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I was really skeptical about this because I absolutely adored the books and full on ugly UGLY cried at the end of the first (if you know why, then I also feel your pain) but this looks really bloody good! #chaoswalking

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Tom Holland must be working flat out #Cherry #ChaosWalking #Uncharted #SpiderMan3

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Book 'Em Boys!

The movies based on books award. Read them now so you can say the book is better than the film later.

What page turners are you looking forward to being adapted this year?

#DeepWater #TheNightingale #DeathOnTheNile #Infinite #WhiteTiger #ChaosWalking

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I stan @ChaosWalking pfp
I swear

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"I was looking forward to Chaos Walking opening up in theaters. That has not happened. They pushed it back a few months, and with the vaccine, maybe movie theaters really will be able to support the release. "- #ChaosWalking

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"Chaos Walking its very conceit, is not going to be like any other movie. It's a really fun adventure and it's not on Earth. - . It's the ultimate escape because it's not even on Earth, but even more original in its conceit." - Doug Liman for @Thrillist

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Lots of impressive #yalit here! #chaoswalking is one of my favorite series ever! Really excited to read #thenightingale and #dune as well! Love @LBardugo's Grishaverse novels.

Must-Read Books Coming to a Screen Near You in 2021

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so @ChaosWalking can we get some new viola stills please 🥺 #violaeade #daisyridley #chaoswalking

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prentiss, coyle, simone and bradley #chaoswalking

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From #ChaosWalking to #Matrix4, there's loads of fantastic looking movies scheduled for release this year!

In my #NewVideo, I'm listing the ones I am most anticipating!

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เพิ่งเห็นใน IG STORY ไม่รู้ว่าช่วยโปรโมทหรือช่วยกัดก็กันแน่ เพราะมีแซวตรงโลโก้หนัง

คือตอนแรก Cherry ปล่อยใบปิดนี้ออกมา หลายคนก็งงว่าโลโก้ดูอ่านยากมาก ก่อนจะออกมายอมรับว่าใบนี้ผิดพลาดทางเทคนิคตรงโลโก้และปล่อยตัวเสร็จสมบูรณ์ตามออกมา 🤣

#Cherry #ChaosWalking

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Full-Length Trailer for #ChaosWalking released

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First Trailer for #CHERRY revealed! I’m excited to see this, 2021 is #TomHolland’s Year with this, #SpiderMan3, #ChaosWalking, & #Uncharted too

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ben, cillian, aaron and lee #chaoswalking

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book!todd and viola edited by me

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What noise ?
Todd is that you ?

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Novas imagens de Tom Holland em #ChaosWalking.

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"FELIZ 14/1/21"

Así @ChaosWalking hace referencia al controversial tweet de @TomHolland1996 y al inminente TRÁILER de #Chery mientras nos regala NUEVAS IMÁGENES de su personaje en la cinta.

¿Veremos también algo de #SpiderMan3 con sabor a cereza🍒?

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ฉันนึกว่าแอคเขาโดนแฮค 😂

#TomHolland #ChaosWalking #CherryMovie

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happy 14/01/21 😏

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How many of you had a gut feeling it would get this bad the minute Trump came down that escalator in 2015?

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Tom: Que foi // Eu: fala de chaos walking

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This tweet should end with a question mark. Hopefully cinemas will be open in March. Movies like #TheCroods2, #ChaosWalking, #TheKingsMan & many more are still on the schedule for now. Let’s see what happens.

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Un poco de Tom Holland y Daisy Ridley Caos; El inicio
#TomHolland #DaisyRidley #ChaosWalking Cinéfilos Zuggy

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Watch the brand new international trailer for #Nomadland now. Join Fern's journey in UK cinemas 19th March

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@senatemajldr is pussy whipped by his wife @SecElaineChao not liking Trump and her wanting him to impeach. #ImpeachTrumpNow #impeachment #impeach #McConnell #ChaosWalking

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Okay, that Chaos Walking trailer, was worth the wait. Well done. Also, I'm gonna go cry after being reminded of a certain character. 😭 #ChaosWalking

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Captured by the U.S. Government, Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim) languishes in prison for years without charge or trial.  
Available digitally February 19.
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#daiseyridley #tomholland #chaoswalking

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Me so far in 2021. #insecure @insecurehbo
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#daiseyridley #tomholland #chaoswalking #filmlover #classicfilms #filmphotos #moviesuggestions #cinemark #genesiscinemas #naijabrand #instacinema #movielover

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He #chaoswalking release the new trailer please.......

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Really no matter how #chaoswalking will turned out at least I’m glad daisy Ridley as viola is as lead as Tom Holland character and not anywhere near the love interest.... it’s sad these days when I read zendaya said she needs to turned down all scripts send to her as girlfriend.

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