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When open an Amazon box you forgot about and find the new book you ordered 💕 #channelkindnes #hopekindlovegaga #ladygaga

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Replying to @ladygaga RT @BTWFoundation: As our co-founder @ladygaga says, our kindness can change the world. To celebrate #WorldKindnessDay, use #CHANNELKINDNES

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@ladygaga @ladygaga Hi Gaga. Im turkish little monster since 2008. You're my soul and love. You're my everything.. Please follow me my mom ❤️ #MOSquad                              #KeaDrive #ladygaga                  #Chromatica      #BeKind21                             #ChannelKindnes

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My daughter and I worked with young people to create @btwfoundation + @channelkindness 8 yrs ago. I am so excited to share that young people’s stories are front + center in our upcoming #ChannelKindnes book. Preorder now for inspiring stories of kindness!

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We are so excited to announce our #ChannelKindnes book! Preorder now for inspiring, brave stories from our young storytellers. We couldn’t be more proud of them and to share this book with you! 💞@momgerm @ladygaga @channelkindness

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.@ladygaga and her @BTWFoundation will release a new book this fall! Here's the exclusive on #ChannelKindness:

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Thank you #ChannelKindnes Tour partners, donors + friends. You've made 2017 hard to compete with, and I have no other words than these; overwhelming gratitude: (cc: @BTWFoundation + @ChnlKindness) PS - Incredible video, @shadille.

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My photo from the Born This Way Foundation photo booth btwfoundation #ChannelKindnes

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.@readersdigest shares stories about the power in kindness in action. Share your stories with us! #cityofkindness

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