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@guardiannews Goodness me a football story in The Guardian not about Man United?... only to find out they are Everton's opponents (sigh). #blanketcoverage

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We love having you as part of our amazing @67Blankets family! Thank you for such wonderful #BlanketCoverage 🇿🇦🧶

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Spent today learning how to crochet with an incredible group of humans - and it’s all for @Carolyn_Steyn’s #67blankets initiative - one that keeps needy South Africans warm in Winter.

Good grief, what a lekker morning! Made a blanket, drank coffee & chatted to awesome peeps! ❤️

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Cow doing as Cow does... #BlanketCoverage

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I know SO many people who would love one of these!

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Separation* distance & ranks from Week 2 (min. 1 target):
0.3 - Tavon Young (1st in NFL)
0.4 - Chuck Clark (2nd)
0.5 - Marcus Peters (3rd)
0.7 - Anthony Levine (7th)
*distance (yards) between defender & receiver on pass arrival
#BlanketCoverage #Ravens #nextgenstats

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A very happy #NationalTeletextDay to you all!

And, as I'm contractually obliged to do...

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Keep working son! Game 2 with no targets/no completions .... #blanketcoverage.@BuckFitz @BallHawkU @NatlPlaymkrsAca @cecil_joyce @Kreager @CSmithScout @615Preps @MainStreetPreps @

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@Nwatson221 One of the many reasons no passes came your way!!
#blanketcoverage @CSmithScout @BuckFitz @BallHawkU @cecil_joyce @Kreager

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@foodallergyuk @nutfreeang @UnileverUKI Maybe ask for a copy of their HACPP procedure before and after changes to understand what’s different #blanketcoverage

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@RSherman_25 Congratulations! That isn’t easy for anyone to do even while being in perfect health.
You have persevered through one of the toughest injuries a player of any sport can go through and are still one of the best out there.
Nothing but respect! #blanketcoverage

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Please. Stop. Lying.

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Honored to be working with the Pride of the Valley @FresnoStateFB for their recruiting needs. #NationalPreps 270+ College Clients. #bootsontheground #blanketcoverage How the West was won!!!!

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Thank you @HeraldPE for #blanketcoverage @67blankets #KnitWits are thrilled to be working with our National hero @siya_kolisi_the_bear @rachel_kolisi and @kolisi_foundation to assist people in need especially during this #covid19 crisis. #blankets #charity #crochet #knitting

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Honored to be working with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons @WakeFB for their recruiting needs. #NationalPreps 270+ College Clients. #bootsontheground #blanketcoverage

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At its peak the Australian Bushfires featured in 30% of media stories, #Covid_19 is featured in about 80% according to #mediawatch tonight. #blanketcoverage #rmitjourno

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The NAIC #WordofTheWeek is #BlanketCoverage. Do you know what that means? Watch the video to find out!

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@superfooty @gouldyheraldsun Was just thinking it had been about 20 minutes since I’d seen an Essendon article. #BlanketCoverage

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Welcome to the @Pirates broadcast booth Kevin Young, Matt Capps & @theFortMcKenry We're psyched to have u on board this season! Our analyst team now includes a starting pitcher, a closer, a catcher, a utility player & a first baseman. #blanketcoverage

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Sh*t wknd of weather looms...
So...let's heat up you AND your wallet 💸
U in? RT = oui bien sur
#blanketcoverage #1winner2prizes #take2
Let's go💜💛

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@RSherman_25 Sherm, no need to have to explain yourself man. You’re the best corner of your generation. Love watching you compete after what you’ve been through. As a DB’s coach, I would’ve loved to coach the LOB. Y’all were special. Good luck in the playoffs. #BlanketCoverage

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@TroyPride18 showin' ur #BlanketCoverage 'n li'l of that track speed #GoIrish

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Tiger Fans welcome @terrance_newell to the Tiger #Brotherhood We are excited to have Terrance join our family! #BeTheBEST

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I appreciate —> @RSherman_25 and all that he does outside of football. His donations help students & the homelesst eat. Thank Yu bro 💯. We need more like Yu

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@RSherman_25 is amazing. He has donated to so many food drives around the greater Seattle area and now he paid off Tacoma school lunch debt. He hasn’t forgotten the community up here. Most of what he does isn’t getting published, but he and #blanketcoverage give and give! 💜

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Big thanks to @RSherman_25 for making a difference on and off the field. #BlanketCoverage

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I am and will always be a fan of @RSherman_25 His generosity is absolutely amazing. #BlanketCoverage #PNW #NFL #NFL100 #GoHawks

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#Thanksgiving A big thanks to @RSherman_25 for his generous gift to Cabrillo Middle School. In light of working families struggling to put food on their tables & schools struggling to help, Sherman wipes out the school's outstanding cafeteria meal debt. @KPIXtv @49ers

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@robertpatrickT2 @RamsNFL He was a straight DOGG today!!! #blanketcoverage

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There is very little room to throw on the Pats. #BlanketCoverage #NYGvsNE

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Don’t throw on him Baker... #blanketcoverage

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Box beds: Tokyo2020 reveals athletes’ bed designs at the Olympic Village - made from "high resistance lightweight cardboard". Completely recyclable post-Games. 18,000 of them. Not sure if the pillow is cardboard too. #Olympics #Tokyo2020 #blanketcoverage @Tokyo2020

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Simply having #BlanketCoverage does not automatically cover a building or its contents. Read more:

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@ezlazar Thanks Evan! Great work! Had me looking out for your tweets during and after every practice! #BlanketCoverage

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Hey @PFTCommenter People forget that George Washington invented the “RPO” when he passed on running for a third term.

FDR utilized the RPO so effectively that we had no choice but to pass the 22nd Amendment. #WheelRoute #BlanketCoverage #MarchOfDimesDefense

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@SAfmRadio @MichConstant Thank you so much @MichConstant and @SAfmRadio for #BlanketCoverage! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 @67Blankets

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