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BREAKING: #BillsMafia has reportedly released wide receiver John Brown. Sources tell @AdamSchefter

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I miss football
Can't wait for the @BuffaloBills season to kick off ... #Billsmafia

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When JJ Watt said he was signing with Arizona. . .

#BillsMafia #BillsMuttfia #George

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Unreal Custom @BuffaloBills Jordan 1s from @truebluecustoms These are incredible. Can it be September? #GoBills #BillsMafia

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I really hope these hands don't get into the wrong hands.
I anyone could figure out how to over-bill a client using these sticky little hands, it would be Skadden Arps.
#lawtwitter #BillsMafia #netde @SkaddenRecruit #law

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Per source, the Buffalo Bills have released Josh Allen.

Team trainers had been holding his arms at his sides as part of a new workout recovery regimen, but he is now free to go home and eat dinner.


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@ffb_victoria I mean I actually do believe this take. #BillsMafia has always been great to me, just wanted to put an unpopular opinion out there. Bills fans are somehow the most active, yet loved fan bases in all of the NFL. Honestly impressive

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It was amazing. Proud to be part of the #BillsMafia

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Things were going well. I paid a pile of money for a nice flight, hotel, and #BillsMafia camaraderie. Everything was going fine. Then, this...

I’ve always snarled hearing his name since.

Well, at least now I don’t need to go into therapy and discuss forgiveness.

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@BuffaloBills#BillsMafia Help Bills to win. Vote for Buffalo Bills!

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#BillsMafia since I have it on good authority Brandon doesnt give a hoot who I think he should go get I'm going to wait and see who we get and then root like crazy for our SB LVI bound @BuffaloBills team... ps: now if Brandon wants to slip me the 2021 schedule... 😆 #GoBills 💙❤️

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@Jeff78161361 @DrIworkout @ToneDeafFan @JoanneIsThatYou @danborrello @4JoshReed I have friends that are long/time #BillsMafia & glad to see them happy for a change. But let’s face it, they’ll always have challenges getting FA’s to come to BUF & they’ll have to overpay on occasion. Will their owner will be able/willing to do it & get to next step?

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Friendly reminder: Trust the process #BillsMafia

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Stealing a page from #BillsMafia I donated $22 to @TeamJack in memory of Andy Hoffman. Cancer sucks. Who’s with me? Prayers to Hoffman family. #GBR

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@VonMiller when you coming to #BillsMafia champ?

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@NYBig4Fan @JJWatt I finally figured out your riddle, "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell". What you meant to say is "Mito won a superbowl in Buffalo but took the cash instead". #BillsMafia #buffalobills #Bills

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LMAOOOOOOOOOOO The #BillsMafia came for him.

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@carllawson55 Come have your prime years with the #BillsMafia my man.

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@PalmerForHC Could #BillsMafia be in play of bringing back Gilmore????

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@EWood70 I know what he didn’t want,
He didn’t want surround himself with the best fan base EVER, the best process, the best coaches, the best secondary in the league and a trip to the super bowl. He did want more money though so he has that going for him. #BillsMafia

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This is a pretty funny story #BillsMafia

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#billsmafia #BUFFALOBILLS please take a couple minutes and read the whole story especially what is written at the ending and if you can help out,..thanks

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Guess you don’t want to fly into the playoffs. #BillsMafia

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Don’t care what anyone says, I’d take @bigj9797 over @JJWatt any day. #BillsMafia #ComeHomeJordan

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Something fun I came across today while googling the age of an actress... a top search result?! #BillsMafia

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"It’s just funny to watch one tweet kind of go through a complete life cycle."

— Phil Martello, the #Bills fan whose sleuthing sparked the @JJWatt / @onepeloton rumor

@TheBuffaloNews @Martello16

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Double the arms, double the productivity?

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We are deeply saddened to share that our co-founder, @andrewjhoffman, passed away this morning from glioblastoma. Andy was our fearless leader who loved his family with all his heart. Andy, we love you & we promise to honor your legacy by fighting harder than ever for kids.

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If I would’ve known the mafia was so mad about JJ joining az would’ve never tweeted jeez

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pretty convenient when the owner is also a pilot...

see you soon @AZCardinals

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This season was special 🤩

@NFL | #GoBills #BillsMafia

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