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Miracle has happened!!!
I've completed musical tour last night and was walking around #Toyama station before back to Tokyo this morning... I've found this!!! Its title is Lovers, for your interest🥰


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@timminchin Hey thanks for last night it was an amazing show! Also loved the encore thank you for playing those songs ! ❤️ thank you for staying longer here to perform for us #aparttogetheralbum

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Fascinating article. Like @timminchin in #ApartTogetherAlbum, Nancy Floyd explores the 'weathering' of our bodies, the impact and importance of our relationships and more.

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Started a painting and didn’t have time to finish it the other night and now all I want to do is continue it. Anyone else relate? #art #painting #acrylic #relatable #artist #artistic #colourful #beard #paint #artsy #mondaymood #comedian #timminchin #aparttogetheralbum @timminchin

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“Locked in each other's arms, eyes closed and faces calm...”
@timminchin #aparttogether #aparttogetheralbum #timminchin @ Central Park, Manhatan, New York

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#AOClied is “a circus of cyberbullying” and lies. Yah’ll Trumptrolls need 2chill ur boring Her Meowjesty. Go listen to #ApartTogetherAlbum.
Try some facts

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News: ICYMI - @BringinBackPOD interviewed Tim over Zoom so you can watch here: or there's an audio only link👇 if you prefer.



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Together with @AmerSongwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing @timminchin! 🧡🖤 @BringinBackPOD

(video made with @headlinervideo) #aspn #bringinbackpod #americansongwriterpodcastnetwork

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@timminchin Me too. Always uplifting. I bought Moose's Beetles cartoon for my Dad for Christmas, along with #ApartTogetherAlbum. He loved them and hurried off to research you both. At 92, I wonder if he's now your oldest fan?

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Listening (again) to @timminchin’s #aparttogetheralbum which I just love. Every time I get to #airportpiano, It reminds me of @BenFolds’ ‘The Frown Song’ - not in sound but in idea. Both great songs.

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News: Tim’s interview and performances of ‘Absence of You’, ‘Apart Together’ and 'Airport Piano' for @CBSThisMorning’s #SaturdaySessions are now available on the CBS website or YouTube channel.
(Some restrictions)

Links to all here:


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If you don’t love the music of @timminchin then your soul is lost. Don’t worry, your redemption can be found in #ApartTogetherAlbum

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@timminchin Welcome home Tim at least u get 2 weeks of beautiful sunsets likes these back here! Can’t wait to see you on the 6th! Thank you for doing a show even it’s 2 nights work I cherish these moments (comedy/fav musical shows) #aparttogetheralbum

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@timminchin Yes and yes! I love your #ApartTogetherAlbum & could really use a distraction/break from our politics right now. At least he's gone in a few days!

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A tweet to Perth folk! Hello! 😊 2 things: If you're coming to my concerts on the 5th or 6th of Feb, thank you! I thoroughly encourage you to listen to my #ApartTogetherAlbum. Unlike with my punchliney stuff, you'll get more out of the gig (& the wonderful new orchestrations)

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My Tweeted Times Top: @timminchin: 'Americans! 🇺🇸 Sick of reading articles about QAnon imbeciles and Trump meltdowns? My sexy band and I are playing three songs from my #ApartTogetherAlbum on your tellies tomorrow mo… , see more

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Americans! 🇺🇸 Sick of reading articles about QAnon imbeciles and Trump meltdowns? My sexy band and I are playing three songs from my #ApartTogetherAlbum on your tellies tomorrow morning. And there’s an interview and stuff. xx

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@timminchin listening to #aparttogetheralbum (Yes again! Sorting the loft, it's fab for any job!) Have to say this time that, in the last line of ITPGD, your vocal range is astounding. Always loved your voice even when you were saying you didn't, well I'm sorry you're wrong! 😂

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News: USA! Tim will be interviewed on @CBSThisMorning this Saturday, and he'll perform three songs from  #ApartTogetherAlbum.🎶

The show airs 7-9am EST. You can check out when and where to watch in your city here:


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#timminchin #ApartTogetherAlbum #artistsontwitter #Pencildrawing #art #artshare @timminchin - Just finished watching Tim Minchin’s ‘Upright’. Without a doubt one of the best, most heartwarming shows I’ve ever watched👍🏻

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@timminchin I posted before that #ApartTogetherAlbum was the single highlight of 2020 but I have to ask again, any chance you'll release a new album this year? In or out of office Trump will still talk too much and find ways to stay way, way too long! -Sorry about that last part.

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@zaratense Misma situación, México...mientras tanto busco gente en Twitter que lo mencione, y les comento a algunos, hola 👋🏻 .
Has visto el vinil? (Hablamos de #apartTogetherAlbum cierto? ) Algunos vienen firmados, pero es el triple o cuadruple $ del CD.

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Hey! @MixupTeam habrá algún chance de que traigan este disco de @timminchin a México? #apartTogetherAlbum

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@timminchin Um, any chance you are going to release a new album this year? After yesterday, it looks like we're going to really need it in the U.S. to get through 2021. #ApartTogetherAlbum

P.S. Excellent gift choice for your wife though!

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News: ICYMI - Tim's chat with @JKCorden on @latelateshow.


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News: ICYMI - Tim's performance of ‘Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long’ for the @latelateshow.


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@timminchin I'm an American and I just want to thank you for providing the only bright spot to the past year - your album Apart Together! #ApartTogetherAlbum

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@timminchin I can't quite find the words to describe how much I appreciate your brilliant, thoughtful, heartfelt work. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. #ApartTogetherAlbum

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News: Tim’ll be performing a brand new live version of one of the songs from Apart Together on @latelateshow TONIGHT!

US: CBS 12:37am EST/PST (11:37pm CST). Available to watch a day later in Australia and the UK:


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Hello you beautiful specimen, you. Is there any chance that there will be a book released of all the pretty little dots of #aparttogetheralbum? Perhaps with an introduction and cute little elephant drawing from your good self?
Got an #suvporschesubstitute 👇 for Xmas

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Happy New Year all!
Hope you spend calm days like his smile, with good wine and cheese!


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Finally mine has arrived!!! I don't know how many days have past since official releasing day😂 It's sort of my destiny I reckon. Anyway, it's time to look for a record player which is suitable for beginner lol


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10pm. Finished working. Was tired day and it continues for a while I guess, but as long as #ApartTogetherAlbum songs snuggle me, I can save myself. Thank you @timminchin as always, your music helps one little girl's miserable heart every night.

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Excellent #ApartTogetherAlbum - really moved by #Upright - and great @BBCFrontRow interview with @tds153 although sad didn’t mention #JesusChristSuperstar in which @timminchin really grounded the #JudasIscariot role! Thanks.

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News: Tim's full @BBCFrontRow interview is now available as a podcast. He talks about his early career, Matilda, #Upright, his studio album Apart Together & more.

BBC Sounds:

Apple Podcast:

📷 Damian Bennett

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I got many lovely things, but this put a huge smile on my face :) I haven't heard it at all yet, excited to hear it! @timminchin #aparttogetheralbum

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