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Security screeners confiscated guns at airport checkpoints at a record pace last year.

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Nonprofits are stepping up to give Black trans people 'what they need.'

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Trump administration alumni Larry Kudlow is joining Fox News amid reports that a colleague, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, will soon be joining him.

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The deaths of two children in a vaccine trial 55 years ago were pivotal to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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The retention of the Senate filibuster – a congressional tactic that essentially requires 60 Senate votes to get bills passed – means the new president might have to rein in some of his most progressive ideas.

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At one shelter in West Virginia, dogs and cats have found new homes far more quickly since the onset of the pandemic, and fewer are being returned. News from around the 50 states.

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Jennifer Lopez reunited with Matthew McConaughey virtually on Instagram Live Tuesday in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the rom-com "The Wedding Planner."

Yup, the 20th anniversary.

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Replying to @usatodaypodcast: On today's 5 things podcast, @carenbohan has the latest on the upcoming impeachment trial. Plus, @kweintraub gives a v…

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On today's 5 things podcast, @carenbohan has the latest on the upcoming impeachment trial. Plus, @kweintraub gives a vaccine science lesson:

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“It’s insulting and frustrating,” said Madalene Mielke, president and CEO of the Asian Pacific American Institute of Congressional Studies, of President Joe Biden’s lack of Asian Cabinet picks. “And it stings, because it looks like we’re regressing.”

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Linda Thomas-Greenfield may need some of her trademark "gumbo diplomacy."

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Robert Lemke, 35, sent messages to family members of a New York congressman and to a relative of the journalist saying that armed people were near their homes, according to a criminal complaint.

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The upcoming prosecution of former President Donald Trump has spawned a complex set of political challenges for Republicans and Democrats, as well as the defiant defendant.

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On today's #frontpage:
–Early signs hint impeachment acquittal: Donald Trump's words are likely to be key evidence at the trial.
–Ready for trillions of Brood X cicadas? After spending 17 years underground, these noisy critters will emerge in 15 states this spring.

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Many schools holding in-person classes have ignored public health recommendations or written their own questionable safety rules — enabling a deadly virus to spread.

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Federal prosecutors continue to charge participants in the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, adding to dozens of arrests that took place.

USA TODAY is gathering details of those cases as the FBI continues to identify the people responsible for the attack.

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Among the pieces of content cited by the Anti-Defamation League that Facebook did not take down: a post promoting an anti-Semitic video that claims to expose "lies" about the Holocaust and a private Facebook group dedicated to "Holocaust Revisionism."

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"Like all dopers, we don’t know exactly when (Alex) Rodriguez began doping and the extent to which all his baseball accomplishments can be called into question. But what we do know is a far more extended and daft pattern of cheating," writes @GabeLacques

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"In my existence for years, when my parents would come around in front of my girlfriends or friends or anyone, (it was), 'Hey, Dewey!' automatically," Johnson remembered.

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The department store has struggled during the pandemic as customers flocked to online shopping and avoided in-person shopping.

Belk furloughed workers in March as the pandemic hit and cut senior staff pay up to 50% as stores temporarily closed.

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