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Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady when they see each other at Super Bowl LV

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Stefon Diggs stayed on the field while the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their AFC Champ. Game win.

Diggs using this moment as motivation? πŸ™Œ

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Your Super Bowl LV QB matchup...

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β€œLe’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown going to the Super Bowl.”

Steelers fans:

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The Chiefs gathering all the money they can to try and outbid Tom Brady paying off the Super Bowl refs

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Good job, good effort...

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Aaron Rodgers is 'uncertain' he will return to the Green Bay Packers next year. 😯

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Brady Be Like

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NFC Championships...

Aaron Rodgers: 1
Drew Brees: 1
Tom Brady: 1

Years in the NFC...

Aaron Rodgers & Drew Brees: 35
Tom Brady: 1

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Stephen A Smith was disgusted with Packers HC Matt LaFleur for kicking a field goal on 4th and goal instead of keeping the ball in Aaron Rodgers hands.

It'll be talked about for a long time!

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A Buffalo Bills breaks his ass after jumping off a bus and landing butt first on the concrete, missing the table.

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Aaron Rodgers wasn't a fan of Matt Lafleur's decision to go for it on 4th down in the NFC Championship Game.

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β€œThe checks for the refs cleared, right?”

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Rob Gronkowski was dancing like a crazy man after Buccaneers advance to Super Bowl LV

This is why Gronk came back..

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Bill Belichick watching everyone realize Tom Brady was the system...

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Tom Brady showing up to the Super Bowl throughout his career

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Replying to @90sWWE: Awesome pic of Brock Lesnar comparing his hand size to Andre The Giants πŸ–πŸ»

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Patriots fans celebrating Tom Brady going to his 10th Super Bowl

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Bills fan accidentally set himself on fire jumping through a flamed table before AFC Champ. Game.

#BillsMafia is ready..

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Awesome pic of Brock Lesnar comparing his hand size to Andre The Giants πŸ–πŸ»

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