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Replying to @Not_Cortney: @MatthewBerryTMR @FantasyLifeApp Always a step ahead with this app! Thanks!

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@MatthewBerryTMR @FantasyLifeApp Always a step ahead with this app! Thanks!

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On probably the most insane NFL news day ever I just want to give a shout out to the @FantasyLifeApp team. Once again they absolutely CRUSHED it with their incredible, faster than everyone else alerts today.

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@MatthewBerryTMR Think Lindsay or Fant would be safe bets or nah?

Lindsay may be ok because they’ll likely run it almost every play so even in a tough matchup volume may get him there. I’m starting Fant in a lg but only b/c it’s a 16 tm lg where I’ve clinched a playoff berth & I don’t want to drop anyone for an ugly FA TE. But I expect v little

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I've been told HC Vic Fangio and OC Pat Shurmur are working through their starting QB. Kendall Hinton an option, but Fangio still mulling over other options. Not there are many other options.
John Fox won a game with Carolina in 2006 using almost all Wildcat. #9sports

Stay tuned but honestly - make your life easier and just avoid the Broncos tomorrow. There is SO MUCH unknown here for a game with a 4pm kickoff. Even if you are in a league where Hinton qualifies at WR. Hinton may be great he may get 5 plays. Way too much risk for me.

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Kendall Hinton is in the @ESPNFantasy database as a QB but in many leagues he is likely on waivers and not available to be claimed until next week.

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Per team source: Looking more and more like former Wake QB and current Broncos PS WRKendall Hinton will be Broncos QB tomorrow and NOT Royce Freeman per league source.

Another name added to the mix. At first glance Hinton is not available in any player pool I’ve seen. Could be wrong on that. Still looking.

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Quoted @AdamSchefter

Broncos will not be forfeiting, per source.

Short of luring GM John Elway out of retirement, it sets up as the most unexpected NFL scene of 2020. Broncos have no QBs for a game against the Saints.

Crazy. Town.

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Quoted @AdamSchefter

All the QBs on the Broncos' roster are ineligible to play Sunday against the Saints after being deemed high-risk, close contacts, sources tell ESPN.

None were wearing masks at the time of exposure, per source.

Saints D/ST available in 24% of ESPN leagues & I expect a popular DFS play tomorrow. Royce Freeman is Denver’s emergency QB. The week gets crazier and crazier.

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Third-string RB Royce Freeman is Broncos emergency QB. Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay in Wildcat may be another option if Lock/Rypien/Bortles ruled out for Saints game tomorrow. Calabrese? Whole QB deal is currently under review by NFL. #9sports

Those hurt by Taysom Hill last week may have at QB points from your RB...

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NFL reviewed tape of Drew Lock, Brett Rypien, Blake Bortles interaction with Jeff Driskel from Wednesday. Driskel has zero symptoms but tested positive Thursday.
To be clear NFL pulled Lock, Rypien, Bortles from practice Saturday. Still working through it. #9sports

Stay tuned

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This week man....

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So here’s two pictures. First picture is John Brown’s game log. 2nd picture is Josh Allen’s game log. Yes Allen was awesome vs LA when Brown wasn’t there but the other games? You’re still starting Allen this week but Brown being out is a bigger deal than you think.

With the news John Brown has gone on IR I thought I’d re-surface this tweet. Josh Allen is still a QB1 but this is definitely a loss for the Bills offense & Allen’s fantasy value.

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Replying to @SportsCenter: CHANGING THE GAME 👏

Sarah Fuller just became the first woman to play in a Power 5 college football game.


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Quoted @AdamSchefter

Chris Carson is off the Seahawks’ injury report for Monday night vs. the Eagles and set to return to the lineup.

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Sarah Fuller just became the first woman to play in a Power 5 college football game.


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James Conner is the #Steelers player who tested positive for #COVID, multiple sources tell me. He is awaiting a second test tomorrow to confirm these results. Contact tracing continues. And as w/ every positive case in the #NFL and country... here’s to recoveries and good health.

Hard to imagine this game gets played but if it does and Conner misses, Benny Snell would likely lead a RBBC vs BAL

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Quoted @AdamSchefter

Colts RB Jonathan Taylor is out Sunday due to COVID protocols.

Hines and Wilkins get an obvious boost but a reminder this run game has been inconsistent all year.

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(A day late because I was with family all day yesterday)


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Replying to @bhofheimer_espn: Can't hear Sean Taylor's name without thinking of @LRiddickESPN who scouted and helped draft Taylor when he was part o…

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Can't hear Sean Taylor's name without thinking of @LRiddickESPN who scouted and helped draft Taylor when he was part of the @WashingtonNFL organization. Here's how Louis described Taylor on SportsCenter 2 yrs ago. #RIP21

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