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Derek Cardwell

Voice of the Knoxville HS Panthers. Also cover Twin Cedars & Melcher-Dallas HS plus sprint car pit reporter at Knoxville Raceway for KNIA/KRLS. IU Hoosiers

Knoxville, IA

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FINAL boys
Knoxville 23
Grandview Chr 69
KHS-Spencer Hixson 10 points
GVCA-Daniel Tobiloba 22 points

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Faith Baptist Bible College where we come to you for @KHSbballboys vs @gvcsa on 95.3 KNIA at 7:15pm.

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If you see that @jachaudracing is coming to your local track this year...take advantage and see him race one more time.

Wild Child Ending His Career Driving For Rico Abreu via @SPEEDSPORT

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Wish it could be a full house ⁦@KHS_Panthers⁩ on Saturday...but safety first. If you can’t make it’ll be on 95.3 KNIA.

Coaches v. Cancer Spectator Attendance | Knoxville Community School District

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Quoted @TheAthleticAUTO

Beth Paretta has announced Paretta Autosport, a new female-led @IndyCar team that will attempt to qualify for the 105th Indy 500 with @simdesilvestro. The entry is part of IndyCar/@IMS' Race for Equality & Change; women will have roles in competition, operations & administration.

Great looking car and @simdesilvestro can run with the best of them. Hope she makes the show #Indy500

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Basketball tonight as @KHSbballboys take on @gvcsa at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny. @TylerVaske7 and I hit the air on 95.3 KNIA at around 7:15pm.

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Quoted @SLS_Promotions

A great looking ride for the 2021 @WorldofOutlaws campaign for @DavidGravel/@BigGameMotorspt. See you at the track.

(Tylan Porath Photo)

Great look for Gravel.

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Damn it, Clemson!

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The question for UVA/Clemson is not if Clemson will win or’s if the Tigers will hit 10 points by halftime.

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Minnesota made Michigan look really ordinary today. That was a woodshead beating!

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Quoted @AJFoytRacing

Cheers to you, Boss! Join us in wishing A.J. a very Happy 86th Birthday!

#SuperTex | #INDYCAR

Happy Birthday to the 🐐 #SuperTex #IndyCar

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Quoted @_EricArnold

First race today at #ChiliBowl is the M1 main which includes Robert Bell on the pole and Gravy Fairfield. LFG!

Go Robert Bell! #ChiliBowl2021

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Quoted @sprintcarhof

Kyle Larson is North American 410 Sprint Car Poll "Driver of the Year" for First Time; Also Named 2020 Recipient of Thomas J Schmeh Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Sport!

Absolutely no surprise on this one.

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Quoted @SportsCenter

Breaking: The Rockets are expanding the deal to send Caris LeVert to the Pacers for Victor Oladipo, sources tell @wojespn.

This was on the table from the restart this summer...we’ll see how it turns out.

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Just watched Kentucky get drubbed by 20 points in Rupp Arena...and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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Quoted @Brett_McMurphy

Odds to win 2021 @CFBPlayoff title via @SuperBookSports:

Ala 9/5
Clem, UGA, OhSt 5/1
OU 8/1
LSU 25/1
ISU 40/1
A&M 50/1
UF, Iowa, Mich, ND, UNC, PSU, USC, Wis 60/1
Ore 80/1
Miami, Minn, Tex 100/1
Ark, ArizSt, Cincy, Ind, Mizzou, Neb, OkSt, TCU, Utah, VT, Wash, WVU 200/1
Aub 300/1

The fact that Vegas has Indiana on the odds to win the #CFBPlayoff is awesome! And I don’t care if it’s 300/1 either!!! #iufb

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We're THAT excited 😆

Our Way-Too-Early top 25 for next year 🙌

Sure Indiana a top 10 team...totally normal 🤪 #iufb

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Pella Chr 75
Knoxville 59
KHS @kierennichols2 31

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Quoted @RepGosar

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

-Benjamin Franklin


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