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Vivi (Bio Queen)

From Pharm rep to full time trader, mom of teens, pug lover , snowboarder, occasional surfer and a world traveler. Not a financial advisor .🇺🇸 🇧🇷✈️

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Joined on 15 February, 2015

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Trying Tik tok to forget all my losses. This is difficult and I have no coordination. I figure I try to cheer you. Drop below your own tik tok video or any silly videos so we can all smile 😊

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Quoted @TopStockAlerts1

$HJLI increased position here 👍

$HJLI Great choice :)

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But then I kept adding and adding and then it kept falling falling

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$KMPH Lets calculate the market cap with the future float once all warrants get exercised So I think is 32m so it would still puts us at 342M market cap when we will get up to $493M in milestone payments plus the rest of the pipeline so bottom line. Still undervalued

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$NSPR $ITRM where is the bottom 🤦🏼‍♀️

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$KMPH rollercoaster of small floats. Damn what a hair cut. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Quoted @TheGreatSPACsby

@Biotech_SD Double whammy... r and d day being the strong catalyst

$BCRX conf tomorrow

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$BCRX pay attention peeps. I should have gone all in here. It’s my only green 🤦🏼‍♀️Excited for March 22.

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Quoted @SpacBobby

Guess all my short-term plays are becoming long-term holds 🥴!

Kraft dinner this month sounds good...

That made me laugh so hard. That is exactly how I feel 🤣

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With extensive gathered DD. Where is the edit button?

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Amazing site with extensive gathered on 3 of my long holds. I guess great minds think alike. Great job Tessa!

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Quoted @vickynutran

@Biotech_SD And $kmph closed above $18 in Germany today

Germany has more faith is this American company than the us.

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I heard Dr. Roubin will be having a procedure done on himself after this Pps drop 🤣 He is 72 poor guy. Again after we have the RS done this float will be very small so we can burn some shorts.

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$KMPH as expected. Sell the news. I hope those who sold will buy back because u don’t want to miss the upgrades and even a potential BO.

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$KMPH a little food for thought. Shire bought New River (vyvanse) after 5 weeks of approval 😉

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$KMPH we are breaking the circuit lol

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$KMPH we got our 30/13 label. This is huge guys. Hold the line Mofos

That means that we got 30 min onset of action and 13 hour duration. We are going to be able to sell with those two efficacy points and kick the competitions asses.

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