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Quoted @ReallyAmerican1

The Senate must vote to #ConvictTrump. Pass it on.

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Do you Agree with #POTUS @JoeBiden's plan for a 100 day pause on Deportations??

Please Vote and Retweet to spread poll, Thanks!


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These noisy birds are a nuisance *sound up* First time over the threshold in days, for a #Hedgewatch and they start shouting the odds! Anyone would think they don’t trust me 😼 #wednesdaythought

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Want a private swimming pool for the weekend? #wednesdaythought #valentinesdaygift #LoveIsInTheAir VALENTINE’S DAY TIP: Who knew Ohio is home to the nation’s ‘most romantic hotel?’

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@_sunshineseries Music and movies (including good animations) also does it for me. #wednesdaythought

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@asharamjibapu_ रात को सोते समय "ॐ नमो नंदीश्वराय" मंत्र का जप करने से आसुरी वृतियाँ
और भयावह सपने दूर हो जाएंगे
अथवा "ॐ" का गुंजन करके सोने से भी ये फायदे होंगे ।

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