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 2 days ago
#ConvictTrump Audible Gift Memberships

#ConvictTrump Audible Gift Memberships

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Justines’ siblings/ friends haven’t said anything about this whole situation but y’all people calling Justine names??? Absolutely MAD, insane @_SHADYCHRIS @cxc0_ get your people together bcs they don’t want smokeeeee #LoveIslandUSA

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Caleb is really scum of the earth. Really preyed on Justine and orchestrated a whole rebrand of himself! An actual sociopath!

It’s on sight if I ever catch him #LoveIslandUSA

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And to think we were actually tagging @CalvinKlein and other brands to get him that partnership. Please CK if you seeing this don’t hire that man he just a manipulative, most deceitful person ever ever 😏 #LoveIslandUSA

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Celine ain't real either. Let's talk about it. #LoveIslandUSA

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I just realized that monster never actually lived in LA. 😭😭He was always in OKC or Nashville. #loveislandusa

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i’m so glad i detached myself from jaleb a long time ago. #LoveIslandUSA

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Caleb played out Justine? How do you do that to such a goddess? Whoa.. #LoveIslandUSA

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So this man @cxc0_ got his little minions calling Justine out of her name wow wow you should be embarrassed @_SHADYCHRIS get your man and his minions together!!! y’all not ready for what’s coming #LoveIslandUSA

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