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 1 week ago

Trump doesn't deserve post-presidential benefits. Remove him and ensure he won't get them. #ConvictTrump via @usatoday

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We will not be scared into selling #SaveAMC

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#SaveAMC !!!!
This is so COOL!!!!! The people literally saved AMC on its own and pumped its stock to the roof!!!

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#SaveAMC to the moon we go

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#SaveAMC $AMC let’s get this shit to $200 hold onto your stocks!!

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What the heck is going on with the stock market? First Game Stop and now AMC?

People seem to actually be making money - with advice from a Zack Morris themed account? 🀯😳

But hey, I’m happy to see #SaveAMC trending to help @AMCTheatres

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I have free tickets ! πŸ˜‚

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πŸ‘€ #SaveAMC is trending... if r/wallstreetbets can pull off another wild short squeeze like they did with #gme...the "meme stock" market is officially real.

And here we all were thinking the #Bitcoin market was out of control...

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