@Lucy37644823 @sagesteele @bigten Lucy my heart goes out to you. We lost my FIL in March to Covid. He was a huge IU fan. Nothing has brought our family any joy this year until #IUFB brought us a welcome distraction from our grief. The pain doesn’t get better but you will find joy in simple things one day. 💓🤍❤️

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@sagesteele @bigten Sage, my mother succumbed to Covid-19 on November 14 and my brother on November 21st. I LOVE sports especially FOOTBALL but it’s NOT that important right now. This tweet is TONE deaf.

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 1 month ago

Difficult time in this country. Difficult time in sports for young athletes everywhere. Thank goodness the @bigten finally did the right thing...reversing its decision and playing after all...making priceless, memorable moments like this possible. ⬇️

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Let's 𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚.

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Did he just say covid numbers will "skyrocket down"? That's... not physically possible. #InaugurationDay

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Bye Trumps ! May U b convicted for incitement of seditious mob, impeached n not b able to run again!

Last pic Of Trumps before Marine One whisks them away (Hopefully to oblivion..)

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we finally got rid of that orange menace. #InaugurationDay

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He's out of the White House for good. #InaugurationDay

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They “left it all on the field” all right... 🙄 Today we get to work! #InaugurationDay

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To all my friends: time to rejoice!

Donald T. has left the White House for the last time (ever).

Happy #InaugurationDay to Mr. Joe Biden!

We can look to the future with brighter eyes now.

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@davidaxelrod He just said “We’ve left it all on the field...” #InaugurationDay #ByeDon

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We will always love you Donald Trump the former President of United State of America 🇺🇸.


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